Monday, March 26, 2007

Puma Girl

I went out yesterday and bought a new one-piece swim suit for doing laps at the gym. I fell in love with it! Not only because is the same size of my last one, but also came in my favorite colors - black and purple.

As I was walking out of the dressing room, I saw a cute black Puma workout pants with rose colored accent strips on the side. I love Puma and have purchase tons of their stuff, but never looked at the red tags attached to them before. So while waiting for roommie to get ready so we could have our first meal of the day I decided to entertain myself by reading them. It was the evening mind you and I hadn't eating all day.... so maybe I was a little loopy, but these gave me a good laugh!

Their trade mark saying is "Helps-You-Look-Good."

Suitable for:
Standing at the bus
A fun night out
Serious sporting use
Meeting the Ex for tea

And then there is one with four picture and a saying under it
Picture of a Heart - "Love your neighbor" (aww!)
Picture of a leaf - "Eat more greens" (true)
Picture of a car driving of a cliff into water - "Cheer up it might never happen" (hahahaha!...I needed a good laugh)
Picture of a water drop - "Wash this when dirty" (duh!)


Anonymous said...

That's creative! I love reading the descriptions on the labels of VitaminWater for the same reason. Those copywriters are geniuses.

Like you commented on my blog earlier, we DO have a lot of koinkidinks! When I went to PacSun to get my bikini this weekend, my eye caught some of their sales. Jeans were on sale, AND they actually carry the "short" length! So I bought 2. I was also overjoyed I fit into a size 5. I had gotten to 9/10 a few years ago!! And currently my jeans are 7s.

Anonymous said...

Hahahah, wow, I wonder who comes up with this stuff!!!!

Jane Doe said...

My boss has VitaminWater in the fridge and I hurried up to go check them out. Ha! They DO have create stuff.

Congrat on going down on sizes! That must feel SO good!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, it does depend on the clothing manufacturer. Like I can still cram my fat ass and thighs into size 2/3 petite pants from Express. So the numbers don't really mean as much as they used to. The new industry term is called "vanity sizing." Women will buy something if it's a smaller number than they expect. (I guess you and I are examples. Haha.)

Anonymous said...

I love it!!!!LOL!!! I love thw car one!! This wa on the tags??? ~ Jessy

Jane Doe said...

Cindy - I can't even image fitting into a 2/3. The close to a one-digit, pant size number I have gotten into are 9's and that felt sooo good! But this girl gots some hips, so that's as low as a number as I can fit in.

Jess - Yup, that was on the tag. Now I am gonna start reading all my tags

Anonymous said...

I like the messages under the caps of the SOBE drinks.

Where is a pic of your new bikini? Cindy posted one!!!

Jane Doe said...

You want to see me in a one-piece? It's not as exciting as a two-piece . . . but let me see what I can do :)

Anonymous said...

YEAH!! We want the photo of you in the new suit!! *drumming knife and fork in each fist into the tabletop rythmically* We want picture! We want picture!

Jane Doe said...

I love the mental image you just gave me Cindy! I feel like I am at Medieval Times.

I think James is rubbing off on you!

Anonymous said...

eewwwww! get it off! get it ooooffff!!
*flick flick*

James said...

I'm sorry, did somebody say pictures and swimsuits? I'm paying attention now!

Ano the Blogger said...

Lol, I just noticed this long thread!

Heyyyyyy, why are you trying to flick me off Cindy??? :(