Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Big Guy upstairs ROCKS!

I think the writers of my Microsoft Excel book need a brain tune-up! The first bone I need to pick with them is - why do you call a “chapter” in your book a “project”? Why not call it a chapter? Second, why do you have 3 of each Project???? It WOULD make sense to have labeled your Projects 1-24. But NO… Some brainiac decided to have 3 sets of Project 1-8. This was the cause of all my confusion, yesterday!

See Monday night and Tuesday (at work) I was finally doing my reading and homework for my Excel final that evening and nothing was making sense. I was reading stuff I didn’t recall reviewing in class. Granted, I don’t really pay attention while in class, but nothing was ringing a bell. After 100 pages of reading (YES, 100 of them!), I gave up and was thinking about Plan B. I starting plotting for a why to get out of taking the test that evening and came up with this

- Skip class
- Go to Urgent Care for anything
- Get a physician’s note saying I visited
- Ask the teacher to reschedule seeing how I was SO sick that I even had to visit Urgent Care instead of going to class

This would have bought me two additional days to study. But then I thought, am I crazy? What if the teacher doesn’t allow me to make up the test? And what if I don’t find time to study between now and then and I would’ve missed class and gone to Urgent Care for nothing! Plus, I would now have to rearrange my Thursday evening plans. It’s just a stupid test anyways and it’s open book & notes (don’t have any because I don’t take any), so I should just go and that’s what I did… I went to class TOTALLY blank!

I walked into class and the feeling of being ridiculously unprepared overcame me a little bit. I had NO idea what the final was about and wanted to run for the door. Plus, I am PMSing and feel a little on edge right now, so the stress hits like 10 times harder then it normally would.

The teacher hands me my test and I thumbed to the section that I was reading and it dawns on me that something isn’t right. The section isn’t even remotely close to what the first questions is asking. I went to the index and looked up a key word in the question and the index referred me to a spot that is 350 pages back from where I was reading. Well, that solved all my confusion. Looks like the geniuses that wrote my the book created 3 of each Project (Chapter) and they are 1-8, 1-8, and 1-8. The only different between all of them is that the border color changes. So I was actually reading from the second set of 1-8, instead of the first! At that point I was so relieved that the thought of strangling them didn’t even cross my mind. Of course, today it did!

So anyways, I anxiously started reading the next question and to my surprise I knew the answer. What’s this? It makes sense? This was a God sent! I said a little silent prayer to the Big Guy upstairs and gave him tons of thanks and went back to finishing my exam. The teacher interrupts about that time and reminded us that we get extra credit if we write the page number where we found the answer next to each question. I said another silent prayer of thanks to the Big Guy!

I feel so much better today!


Anonymous said...

LOL!!!! You are so cute!!! I wish i had that type of luck on my accounting :-) But NOOOO its super hard so hopefully I'll do good :-) If i dont do good on thie test i will fail the class so i need a lil of that silent prayer my way too! :-) I love ya! ~Jessy

Anonymous said...

Good Job!!! I'm sure you will get an A on this exam. Don't you love it when things work out POSITIVE in your life, rather than negative?

Jane Doe said...

Jessy - Saying a silent prayer to the Big Guy for you. I am in good with him, so you will get EXTRA help!!! :)

Flat Coke - Thx! You are so right! It is cool when positive stuff happens!!!

Ano the Blogger said...

Haha wow that's awesome!!! What luck huh??

Anonymous said...

I know! I couldn't believe it my luck! I am so glad everything turned out in my favor.

Whine Girl said...

I wish my yesterday class was that positive... ok well ONE thing was positive and was the spoken sentence of "nobody fails"... I liked that part :)

Anonymous said...

that's bizarre. they should've made 3 textbooks, then, instead of merging all that crap into 1.

Anonymous said...

That's why I think they need a brain tune-up! Or go talk to their target audience. Just because it makes sense to them, doesn't mean it makes sense to all other people.

Seeing how they have three different class for the 3 different sections, they should have 3 different textbooks.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jordan, what class are you taking?

Anonymous said...

"Elongated Nips 101"
Chapter 1: How to Spot Them A Mile Away.

Vanessa said...

LOL!!!! That is too funny. Well, I guess that is better then "FL:101 - Chapter 1: How to Spot Them A Mile Away."

Anonymous said...

HAHA! Well, if you spot FL a mile away, you can avoid them. But if you spot EN a mile away, maybe you'll bridge the distance faster, if that's what you're into.

Whine Girl said...

Neonatal Resuscitation.

Ever since I asked Cindy if she had elongated nips, she's been slightly infatuated with the idea... so she often brings it up :)