Friday, March 30, 2007

Lunch time trouble

When lunch time came around today I found myself not hungry at all! I didn't want to stay in and just play on the computer, so I drove around and found myself at Old Navy. In only 30 minutes I was doing $100 worth of damage. I purchased black pants with tiny brown pin strips on them that were on clearance for $20 (score!), 6 pairs of socks, two tang tops, and black Capri shorts.

I have been neglecting myself when it comes to shopping for new clothes for quite sometime now and I find myself with few cute things in my clothes. Plus, for the last 10 years I worked in the beauty industry and the primary wardrobe colors were black, white and grey, so I don't have that many colored clothing options. And before that I went through a goth phase, so I have even more black stuff. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE BLACK and it's even on of my favorite colors, but I do need to mix it up a little bit!

And it looks like I might me having a shopping spree tomorrow, too! Kohl's is have a 50% off store wide from 8am - 11am. I thought, why not? And if I am going to be single, might ass well do it with style! :) Right? I am even thinking of getting a leather jacket soon, too! I've never had one and I think it's about time I get one.


Anonymous said...

That's actually a pretty good buy at Old Navy for $100.

You were out shopping all day yesterday? Is THAT why I couldn't get a hold of you?

Jane Doe said...

Actually, I went shopping from 9-10ish and came home and slept until 5ish. I swear I was a cat in a previous life. I sleep so much!!!

Anonymous said...

Did someone say shopping??? Woo HOOOOOO Lets go nessa!! You have no idea how i just love to shop until i literally drop :-)LOL
Its a good thing i guess!

Jane Doe said...

I have to be in a certain mood to shop and this weekend I was in it, for a whole hour :) But I do need to update my look and need more "dating" and "party" outfits, so whenever you want to go, let's do it!