Friday, March 23, 2007

The day in the life of an Executive Admin

Show up for work
Turn on lights
Log onto computer

Get keys from secret spot
Unlock drawers
Restock boss’s fridge

Unlock boss’s office door
Put Wall Street Journal on table
Change desk calendar to right date
Change desk cube dates to correct date
Clean eye glasses and place on keyboard
Place pen on key board
Spray room with Mango scented air freshener

Set up conference room
Restock conference room’s fridge
Spray the room with Lysol

Look at today’s calendar . . . wait for boss to come in.

Play on the internet until boss comes in :)

Boss arrives
Get him some tea, a Friday bagel, review calendar, and send him off to a meetings
Back to playing on the internet

Make a call for the boss
Reschedule some meetings
Back to playing on the internet, again

Boss leaves for the day…. And back to playing on the internet and the rest of the day free.

Life is good!


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking I need an administrative assistant.

Jane Doe said...

Hire me!! Hire me!!! We would have sooo much fun!

James said...

One of these days, I'll be important enough to have one.

Anonymous said...

Screw the healthcare field...I want THAT job!!! You mean no puke? No blood? No guts laid out on the table? Dang!!!!

Whine Girl said...

let me know when you go to work with cindy so I can take your job ;)

Anonymous said...

I just want someone to spray my work area with mango scents.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm I think we're going to have to have a bidding war for Kat! I could use an administrative assistant too!!!

Jane Doe said...

James - You don't have to be anything to have one, just put an ad in the paper and hire one :)

Flat Coke - Nope, not puke, guts, blood or anything like that. Just a bunch of getting tea, coffee, setting up golf tee times and playing on the computer.

Jordan - Does that mean you'll come to live in CA??

Cindy - Do want to hire me just for me to spray your office? Wow... life will be REALLY good working for you.

James - Cindy had dibs and btw she knows jujitsu.

Anonymous said...

*high-fiving Kat*

Anonymous said...

Just so you know...I added you to my blogroll today.

Jane Doe said...

*high five* right back to ya, Cindy!

Awww! Thx, Flat Coke! :)

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! That is exactly what I do!!! that is so funny! Well i am trying to stay off the internet but its so darn addicting that i cant :-( LOL!!! What else do you do on the internet besides this?

Anonymous said...

That last cmment was me Jess :-)

Jane Doe said...

See Jess... people would love to do what we are doing and here we take it for granted, or at least I do. So why are you trying to stay of the internet? You should take online classes and make it a productive work day :) Or... visit my blog more often! :)

Who i am hates who i've been said...
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Who i am hates who i've been said...
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Who i am hates who i've been said...

Taking online classes are great! Such a good use of time. But i don't see what you ladies like about not doing anything. I'm such a workaholic it's ridiculous. I would be bored running after some executive person. I go crazy if i don't have something to do at all times.