Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Lovin Life!

Last night was a GREAT night! After work I got ready to head to Hill Crest Park in Fullerton for my sister’s boot camp workout. She had started this “book camp” work out after she got out of the police academy and because her sister-in-law wanted to get in shape. Since then we start it after rain season and end it beginning of fall. It’s an AWESOME work out!!! We do lunges, squats, push ups, burpies, 8 man body builder push ups, abs work, etc, etc with running in between. The running is done either up a hill or up stairs.

My buddies James and Paul came last night. Last week Jason joined us. I am so proud of these guys! Normally, guys are the first to quit, throw up, leave to the restroom and never return. These three guys made it through the entire workout! Way to go!!! I hope you guys come back!

As for me, I will be there every week! I love the work out!!! It is hard core, but makes you feel good and when else would you push yourself that hard? Not often, if ever!

Afterwards, I went out! Yes…AGAIN! We were going to go to Hollywood to a salsa club that Alex recommended, but we thought about it and it was too far and it was a work day, so we kept it locally. Santa, Jay and I went to SideBar in downtown Fullerton. They had live music and this was one of the coolest nights we have ever had. We sat down and talked about our lives and exchanged stories. Jay has the BEST stories!!! I love just hanging out like that! The more and more I hang out with them the more I grow mad love for them!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Calif. has a lot to offer for the night life. Must be like Nashville--always music playing no matter what time of night.

I bet I'd weenie out on the work out. After 20 min of cardio I usually think I'm dying!!

Vanessa said...

So. Cal does have a lot to offer especially were we are San Diego to teh south, then OC stuff, and LA to the North! There are a lot of options!!!

You so won't! Believe me...so many people say that and they last! Just ask Jay, James and Paul. Jay reads my blog but doesn't comment tho....so I guess you will have to just ask James!

Anonymous said...

What's a burpie?

Flat Coke - that's cuz you don't NEED to work out.

Anonymous said...

Girl I'm going to take a picture of my cottage cheese thighs and email it to you. I SO need to tone (and lose about 5 lbs)

Ano the Blogger said...

Hey Vanessa!

Wow that was a tough workout. It sure sucked doing them all, but the sense of accomplishment of getting through it is great! I've been finding all sorts of sore muscles today! Geez... the things I do when a pretty girl is involved haha!

I think I have to skip the gym today though, I don't think I can lift with everything sore like this . Hopefully as I get used to it -- it won't be so bad anymore the next day.

By the way, you still owe me a swig of gatorade!!!!!!!!

Jane Doe said...

Cindy - It's a 4 count exercise. You start off standing, on the first count you bring your hands to the ground next to the outside of your feet with bent knees, second you kick your feet out like in push up position, third you draw your feet back, and finally you stand up...and that is 1 burpie

Flat Coke - You are in great shape! I saw the one of you in your two piece when you went to FL!

Ano - I am so sorry! I thought I brought Gatorade and left it at home. I was SO thirsty too! Next time. ANd I am feel the burn today! The morning stairs always surprises me. But I didn't have to hold onto the stairs!

Anonymous said...

ooOOOooh. I think I did those when/cuz Gerardo made us. But I think he threw in an actual push-up, too.

Jane Doe said...

THe ones with push up are 8 count body builder...don't worry we do those too! Ya ready??? Is Mr. W coming????

Anonymous said...

no, and no. :D