Monday, September 28, 2009

Shutters are here!

Came back from the gym not too long ago. It was a good workout and I wanted to finish with a at home ab workout. I came into the office to get my weights and what do you know? A camera jumped into my hands and I decided to take pictures of our new shutters! They are finally here. Yes, the shutters that I mention off and on for what seemed like forever.

After a long wait, prepping for them to arrive twice, and a lot of BS and the run around (more like us chasing them around) from the unprofessional B&B Blinds company they finally were installed 4 months later from the original 2 months (max) we were told they would take.

It makes the rooms look so much different compared to the temporary blinds we have been living with since we moved in.

Sorry to bore you with house improvements, but I gotta show ya.
Our living room shutters. Jay is going to put up the curtain rod and new curtains on the sliding door.
Our bedroom shutters.

Jayla's room and the new shutters.

The office's shutters and you can see one of our new ceiling lamps. Another improvement I forgot to blog about. I am going to make a photo album before and afters. This used to be the purple room before we official moved in.

This is our guest bedroom. Jay put the bed together this morning. Can you believe this room used to be that half white half blue painted room? It's come a long ways since our take over.

Ok... now I am off to finish my workout.


cindy said...

I love white wood shutters! I'm jealous. They really do make the room. =)

Jane Doe said...

Thanks! They make such a difference and will help with regulating the temp in the house. They look 100% better then the paper temporary shutter in the room.