Friday, September 18, 2009

Foot in the door

I was seriously praying at my desk today asking for a really good job to call me back after sending my resume out earlier this week and wouldn't you know right at the moment the ONE I really, really, really wanted to call back did!

I have an interview next Friday with my #1 choice for my future vet school. When I saw the position I was really excited. I would be a "Student Research Assistant" working in the College of Veterinary Medicine. The job seems very scientific and maybe something I would need extra training on, but I hope I get offered a position!

The description says I would participate in educational and research projects of their Disease Investigation Laboratory and their Wildlife and Environmental Health lab. Some of the responsibilities listed were

- isolation, identification and propagation of bacterial species of veterinary importance
- Participate and conduct restriction endonuclease analysis and other diagnostic methods
- Actively participate and assist in the field collection of samples, including blood and tissue collection and necropsies

Even though I am not familiar with a lot of what I will be doing, I am thrilled they even considered me. I am going to do research on the procedures and words I didn't know and of the facilities, so I go in prepared.

Wish me good luck!


cindy said...

wow, that sounds SO advanced and intense! *wiping tear away*
I'm so proud of you! Talk about spreading wings and flying!

Vanessa said...

Thanks! I am so happy to have even been considered seeing how I have NO expereince and the other jobs where only offerering $8-$10/hr where this one is $13.10. Yes it a big pay cut, but it's part time and experience that I will need later on. I ill let you know how it goes.

cindy said...

any word yet?

Jane Doe said...

I have an interview on Friday at 11am. I am SO nervous. I'll let you know first thing on my impression of them, what they say, etc, etc.

cindy said...

I'll be on my flight. Don't be offended if I don't respond right away...