Friday, September 25, 2009

A little hurdle

Today was the interview for the job I really, really , really wanted. What I found out during the interview was it's a "work study" program. Meaning there is a Federal Grant with X amount of money and students have to apply for a work study program and be qualified. The employer pays a portion of my salary and the grant kicks in for the rest. *sigh* I called the Financial Aid office and couldn't get through, so I think this is the Friday that they are closed due to budget cuts. :( I will call on Monday and see if I can get through otherwise I will visit them in person.

Otherwise, the interview went well. A little short, but good. There were two people interviewing me, they told me about the school, themselves and the position. Then they asked me to tell them a little about myself. I kept the answer on a professional level, talked about my employment history, current change of careers, school schedule and future career goals and that was pretty much the interview. I had a questions about the work environment, expectations, etc and then was back on the road to my job.

I'll let you know if I am qualified for the word study program and if I get a job offer.


cindy said...

*crossing fingers*
good luck calling today!

Vanessa said...

I called this morning and there is a waiting list for the program and I had to have checked it last year when I filled out my FASFA application. Oh well... I wrote them an email letting them know and will still follow up with a thank you card for their time. Maybe next year they will have a similar position.

cindy said...

I have all the faith in you, once you fulfill the technical requirements.

Jane Doe said...

Thanks! I received an email back saying:

"Dear Vanessa,

I want to thank you for updating us on your work study status. Unfortunately, due to budgetary constraints, I can only offer this position to a work-study student. Dr. (last name) may have other opportunities and she will contact you directly. Please keep us in mind if you are awarded work-study funds. I wish you the best in your studies!

Take care"
That's a good sign!!!