Saturday, September 19, 2009

He trusts me to pick it out

Jay at work today and is leaving tomorrow very early in the morning to AZ to visit Jayla, so today's decisions were all left up to me.

We are getting the entry way and living room/dining room textured and repainted and *I* had t pick the color scheme. It was a lot of pressure for me because I'm not really go at being able to see the end product. I have not 1 great decorative gene in me and for heaven sakes I was raised mostly by my dad who had a single's pad.

The guys came in, did the prep work and painted some color samples. We were going to go with having an accent wall, too, so that meant I had to pick two color. Ugh...

I text Jay and he gave little to no input and wanted and trusted me to pick them out. Dunn Edwards is closed tomorrow so the color I pick is what we are stuck with since the painter was going to the store TONIGHT. Talk about pressure!!! Not only that, but I had to envision our future couch and make sure the walls complimented it. Here's what our future couch looks like.

Out house has very nice warm earth tones with accents of medium to dark wood furniture. Here were the color schemes I was choosing from.
I ended up going with the top left corner yellow sample for the main color of two walls of the living room/dining room area and entry way and accenting the other two walls with the warm brown on the top right corner sample.

The painters left and will return tomorrow. This is how our house looks now, but tomorrow it will be an all new color scheme.

I hope I picked the right colors. I'll make sure to take some after photos.


cindy said...

is it done yet? is it done yet? Your house is gonna look SO Starbucks! =) Warm and cozy, but neutral enough to coordinate easily. Those colors would look great with mohogany furniture other dark woods, and black iron, and green plants, and the occasional burgundy/wine color splash...

Jane Doe said...

Ya know... I saw your comment before leaving work today and made sure to log on tonight to post the after photos. :)

I hope to have a cozy feel like Starbucks minus the weird orange and blue ceiling lamps. Haha. I study and have great conversation at Starbucks, so I think that's a good feeling to have in your living space. If only I could have the aroma of coffee all the time... now that would be perfect!

Our accent colors in the room right now is our light blus chair and some burgundy pillows. Sounds weird but we are working on it.