Monday, September 21, 2009

Cell Phone Pictures

I've been having problems with my phone and when I took it in, they gave me a new phone same model. The transfer of data took some time because I had close to 200 photos. I decided to go thru and delete some. It cracked me up that I had a ton of Jayla, sleep, eating or doing an activity. On the days that Jay works and I am watching Jayla I like to update him on what we are up to and send picture of those moments.

Here are some that I wanted to share.
This table was left in my Dad's garage still in the box. My sister said I could have it for our patio and I put it together all by myself :)
These are my new running shoes and I think I picked them over the other style only because they have shades of purple through out and everyone knows I am a sucker for my favorite color purple.

When we were getting the door frames redone we needed more material and my car came in handy. I love that I can do so much with my car. I know it might sound funny but this is one of my dream cars and LOVE IT!
Jay had to spend $5 to use his ATM and super sized my Monster drink. It took three days to drink all 32oz! I am sure there are tons of people out there that gulp this puppy down in one sitting.

My niece, Lizzy, is IN LOVE with Elvis!!! The day after Lizzy's b-day I treated her to a Mexican lunch at Azteca's Restaurant in Garden Grove. It's dedicated to Elvis and has memorabilia all over the place, plus his movies playing on the TVs. My niece was grinning ear to ear until she saw a picture with Elvis and another female. She said she wished a storm would go over these women and be replaced by her. Haha... she has the jealous gene showing already!

They even sell Elvis glasses, which I couldn't resist purchasing for her.

Jayla had to go in time out and it cracked me up to see this view of her in her Mini Mouse ears and Christmas necklace.
Jay and I at Raquel's wedding.

The before picture where Jay was being Jay and making a funny face.

I was *trying* to be cute and text Jay this picture. If you are like Jay and can't see it, my stuff is spelling out "I miss u." Jay thought I was cleaning and showing him all the crap I was getting rid of.
At Cindy's B-day bash, this was one of the shot glasses. I though it was awesome and went with the theme of the party.
Picking up Jayla from daycare one day she said she drew something for me, took me by the hand and showed my the beautiful yellow flower. How touching!!!


cindy said...

I saw the "I Miss You" before I read about it, but just barely. At first it seems to form an abstract pattern, and I had to think, "Why'd she place it like that? What's the pattern?" to concentrate hard enough to see the words. :)

Jayla's time-out made me smile. I would've chuckled, but that would've irritated my judge and distracted the jurors. :D

haha, Dwaine got me that shotglass when he was on vacation in Florida.

Jane Doe said...

I guess when you get it on your cell phone and it's so tiny it might be hard to figure it out. Jay is off the hook on that one.

It made me chuckle internally because had I done it aloud, Jayla might not have taken her time out seriously. I sent the picture to Jay and it thought it looked funny, too.

When I was going thru the pix I realiuzed I wanted to include on your b-day post and forgot because all the other pix were on my camera.

PishPoshNat said...

awwww i remember the i miss you and how he ended up thinking you were cleaning out your room. lol