Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I gave my notice

So I finally grew some and gave notice yesterday. It's a three week notice with the offer that I can come in part-time to train, so it's not that bad. I spoke with HR and asked for advise since my boss was out of the office on vacation. At first she told me to wait until Monday, but once I explained to her that it was a holiday and we had Board of Directors meetings next week she told me to email him telling him to call me. I did and waited. 15 minutes before it was time to leave he called. He said he needed to talk to me too, but wanted me to go first. I took Cindy's advice and took the approach of "I have exciting news..." and after I told him I heard "wow... (pause)... wow.... (phone breaking up)..... (silence).... " and then the phone disconnected. I waited for 5 minutes and then called him back and it went straight to voice mail, so I left him a voicemail and followed up with an email since he has a PDA.

After work I headed to Santa's house for a workout. She recently found out she is pregnant and wanted to get moving to have a healthy pregnancy. Man, the girl can power walk!! We went through the hills of Yorba Linda for about an hour and half. It was what I needed to get the nervous jitters out of me because had you seen me at work you would've thought I was a mess!! I had hot and cold flashes and my hands would get super cold. The walk helped me think about everything and it helped to have someone to talk to about it, too. Oh and the chicken dinner helped too :)

Today, I came in and saw an email saying my boss had called 2 minutes after I left and he would be calling me back in the morning. Talk about phone tag.

The bad thing about my position at work is I support 3 VP's, so I had to give my notice 3 times!
As they came in, I delivered the news to each and all were sad to see me leave but happy for me. One said it's better to see someone leave because of something like education verse they don't like you.

Later on I finally spoke to my main boss, told him I was working on updating my "how to" Admin binder, had HR working on a temp to permanent requisition for my replacement and already talked to the VP who has signature approval on his behalf to get him in the loop.

So it's official... I am leaving my job that I have come to like and starting a new adventure really soon.


cindy said...

very grown-up of you! good job!

I couldn't BELIEVE it when I was out camera shopping and got your text that you gave notice, but didn't get a response cuz the phone cut off and you couldn't get a hold of your boss again! I would've pulled my hair out. :) Glad to hear it all worked out. (Not that I had any doubt.)

Jane Doe said...

Thanks! I thought it was so funny when you texted back "Mr. W says he would've hung up on you too"