Friday, September 4, 2009

3rd place but still happy!

Earlier this week someone left brownies to all the competitors and KT sent out pictures he googled of kids eating chocolate. This is supposed to be me...Too funny!!

Yesterday was weigh in and it seems the main girl who does the spreadsheet is out on those days. Arrggg! So all the competitors were calling each other to see their weight loss number and do the math. It was a close race and think it's funny that *I* motivated a guy to eat lettuce and plain chicken for the last two weeks just so he can say he beat me. To think I lost 1lb less then him and was able to eat 6 sensible meals per day. If he only knew he didn't have to go to that extreme.

So this is how the team did.

KT: Lost 7 lbs (-3.8%)

MR: Lost 1.5 lbs (-1.0%)

DE: Gained 2 lbs (+1.1%)

AZ: Gained 3 lbs (+1.5%)

JC: Lost 7 lbs (-3.9%)

TS: Lost 3 lbs (-1.9%)

and Me: Lost 6 lbs (-3.4%)

Next weigh in is the final. A lot of the guys are already crunching numbers to see how much weight they need to lose to catch up to my percentage and trying to figure out how much weight I will lose. I am thinking of adding a few workouts in the morning before work, like swimming and doing push ups and sits up every night or every other. I'll let you know how it goes in two weeks.

KT just passed by and we were chatting about the competition and he said JC (the guy that was eating lettuce) also started smoking to help him curb his cravings. WTH? That's too bad that he is starting all these unhealthy habits for a competition that is trying to support the complete opposite.

Wish me good luck!


cindy said...

eating lettuce and smoking may help him win this weigh-in, but it's not gonna give him any advantage afterwards. I'll bet he gains his weight back immediately, whereas you get to flaunt your new figure WAY after the competition is over, AND you'll have the lung capacity to yell across to the smoking rabbit, "HA-HA!"

Vanessa said...

He emailed everyone today and said he wasn't competition anymore because he thinks he gained all his weight back during the long weekend. I sent him an email saying chewing gum is healthier then smoking and curbs your hunger, but he didn't respond. I felt bad for the guy. And was it really worth it? To say you beat me in 1 weigh-in and didn't have to pay $10. I must say a lot of people were happy to see me have to pay. I was shocked. Even my alliance wouldn't stop talking about how I had to pay $10, so when I gave it to oher (because she is holding the Chunky Monkey $) I said "you're too happy to be taking my money" and "I rather pay $10 cuz it's cheaper then a trainer!" Even she has been motivating the competition. What ever hater!!

cindy said...

As Dwaine would say, the existence of your haters is proof that you're doing something right! You go, girl!

Jane Doe said...

True. =p I came down with a cough and sore throat and my workouts have been slim. I am still watching what I eat so that should work towards my favor. I hope to lose AT LEAST 4 lbs before next Thursday (which will make my weight lost at 20 lbs.

cindy said...

We need new pictures of your new body!!