Thursday, September 17, 2009

In search of my replacement

We had 3 interviews for my position on Monday. At first it was just my boss, HR and one of the VP's I support doing the interviews. But soon I was added to the mix along with the 3rd VP I support. All three candidates were different from each other and NOTHING like we expected!

The first interviewee was super nervous! To the point that she wouldn't answer my questions, go off on tangents and kept clicking her fingers nails together. From her resume I would have thought she was going to be the strongest candidate because she has worked on temp positions in our company before, but in person she lacked the confidence you need in this position and we all felt that she was competent enough to do the job, but people would walk all over her.

The next interviewee was GHETTO! She was rough around the edges would lean back in her chair and kept saying "gurrrrlllll!" An she was doodling on her notepad. There were awkward silences and she used too many acronyms from her Army days. On top of her not being a good fit from how the interview was going she had no admin experience. My main boss loved her mainly because she was the daugther of another VP here at work, but everyone else had her as their bottom pick.

The final person was my #1 choice. She seemed confident and competent. She answered all my questions with good answers that had examples and she really wanted to make sure she could picture herself with us.

The group of interviewers got together and decided on girl #3, unfortunately we scared her away! She said that the job seemed more stressful then she thought she could handle. My bosses painted a realistic picture and started each interview with saying they have lost many of their admins within the first year because of the work load, stress or personalities. Back to the drawling board.

During the candidate review meeting I received a lot of compliments from my bosses. I guess I always thought I was just okay in their eyes, but now I hear feedback of what they think of me and what they are looking for. They said out of all their admins I have handled them best, I am professional, but laid back and not stressed out easily by them and their demands. I thought that was super nice for them to point out.

Even though school starts next Thursday and my last day is supposed to be this coming up Wednesday, I am staying on part-time until they find someone. I will be in Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the next 2-4 weeks. I don't mind it because having a job and insurance for one more month is a good thing!


Flowtriss said...

lol at #2 saying GUUUURRRRRRLLL during the interview! LOL!!! WOW!!! Well... its nice that you were able to hear how good you were from your bosses :) That must have been nice :D In one more week, you will be a college student :D Again, congrats, I am so proud of you:D

cindy said...

A group of intelligent, successful businessmen high up on the corporate ladder thinks you're wonderful. Gee, what a surprise...not. ;) You ARE professional, efficient, dependable, and resourceful, and all this I've learned just by being your FRIEND! I can imagine what you're like in a work environment! I bet you can still go back and have them give you glowing recommendations for any future internship or job you want to take on.

You're gonna be around for another month? YAAAAY! For a very selfish reason, I'm TOTALLY excited! We're going on a week-long trip in the beginning of October, and I am SO SCARED that Dodo's gonna get abused or neglected cuz Mr. W's daughter (who lives w/us now) doesn't deal w/him, won't touch him, likely won't feed or clean his litterbox, and she has a history of throwing parties at her parents' houses when they're out of town. *biting fingernails*

Vanessa said...

Candidate #2 definitely needed some corporate polishing! Haha! SHe was in another interview today and when she passed my desk she said "hey girl?"

I just want to be in class already. I feel like I've been talking about it what seems like forever. I'm not excited yet, maybe because my first class is at 7:45AM. I'm gonna need to wake up early!!

Vanessa said...

Cindy thanks!! And I can definitely stop by to check on Dodo (and the house!) :)

cindy said...

thank you!@#$