Thursday, September 24, 2009

Campus life

Today I woke up super early. Actually all morning I kept waking up every 30 mins or so and checking the time. I guess I wanted to make sure I didn't sleep in on my first day of school. Jay's alarm went off and he was too sick to realize where his phone was and that it was even his phone going off. I decided just to get up then. I made us both tea and turkey bacon and made myself some oatmeal, too. A girl needs a breakfast for champions on her first day of school. My first class was at 7:45am and I thought an hour would be enough time to drive the 17 miles to school, find parking and get to class on time. After all, on a work day I give myself 30-45 mins to drive 27 miles. Little did I know that traffic would be horrible!!!! Once I got off the freeway it took 30 mins JUST to drive 6 miles to campus. UGH!!!! Needless to say, I was late to my first class! But I was relieved to not be the only one. People we popping in 40mins late. CRAZY!!! It was my bio lecture class and the teacher seemed cool, laid back and informative. Best news she told us was the book we bought for $161 will be used for Bio 121, 122 AND 123. YAY!!! I was stoaked that i wouldn't need to buy a book for the next two quarters. Because of budget cuts there were no handouts and we were referred to an online site to download everything. I spaced out my classes with an hour between each, so I am not rushing right after one class to the next.

My next class was Dance in Contemporary History. A GE class that I need. The teacher was definitely different, but in a good way. She talked about getting politically involved, so our congressman know we are not please with the recent budget cuts and how it is effecting our lives, school career/plans, etc. Since my classes land on a Thursday, I will be missing 2-3 classes because of the mandatory furlough days, so I will either need to double up in a week or miss a section completely depending on the teacher. She had a good point. Education is not cheap and we should take advantage of what we paid for, so maybe I will write my congressman.

My next class was Multicultural psychology. The teacher looked the first lady. She was very by the book, but the class seems interesting and applies for two section for my graduation requirement... NICE!

My last class was my bio lab which doesn't meet until next Tuesday. Not bad for my first day.

I do notice that I will definitely need to watch what I eat as the quarter progresses and make sure I don't gain my weight back. They have some healthy options for lunch but I want to find something I can make and bring with me without having to refrigerate. Something low calorie, high protein that will fill be up for my 3 hour class that follows lunch time. Any ideas? Today I brought two snacks with me celery with peanut butter and sliced cucumbers. The lid on the cucumbers must've came off because mid-day my backpack was wet. Arrrgggg!!! While in the restroom drying my bag a girl shared with me that something similar happened to her except it was Italian dressing. I guess my situation could've been worst. For lunch I bought a subway sandwich on campus, but can't be spending money like that every school day. Oh... and I have to confess... I bought a Starbucks drink during one of my breaks :( I know, I know... I shouldn't be consuming so many darn calories. I got the Tall size though, so my drink was 325 calories.

Well, I back to getting readying for my interview tomorrow and taking care of my love who is still sick (and may have passed it on to me).


cindy said...

I recommend Chia seeds.

Re starbucks, there's always nonfat low-cal versions of the drinks.

Vanessa said...

Chia seeds... hmmm.. I will have to look that up and see what it is. Is it the same Chia stuff they make tea out of? If so, I LOVE that stuff!! :)

I am going to try REALLY hard and be good and stay away from Starbucks. They are so pricey but so darn yummy. Maybe I will make my own drink at home and take it with me. Or treat myself like once a month. I'll figure something out. How was your mini vacay? Are you still on it?

cindy said...

I got back Sunday nite. We're leaving for Vegas this Sunday, and then going from there to Chicago the following Tuesday for 2 weeks. (I got my vacation extended.) I should just GIVE you a housekey. :)

I don't know anything about chia tea. I hear you can eat chia sprouts like you'd eat alfalfa, and that they taste like watercress, only better.