Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I picked it and he loved it :)

Tomorrow is a big day, my very first day of school at Cal Poly Pomona and while I should be resting up for my 7:45am class, I can't sleep! Jay on the other hand is passed out which is unheard of for him, but he has a "cold" but I think he has the flu. Early he took his temp and it was 103 :( But took it again and now it's down 1 degree. I am trying not to get sick, so am going to sleep in the guest room for the 2nd night. Is that mean of me not to sleep with him? He normally sleeps with me when I am sick, but he does have a stronger immune system then I do.

Our house furniture is slowly making it's way back into the living room and dining room area. Here are some photos of how the texturing and paint job came out.
The entry way is yellow (I should know the names, but the paint cans are in the garage and I am too lazy to go out and see what name it is) Our lighting is those energy saver light bulbs and it brings out a duller yellow at night, but that's ok. I think the brown accent is called Eureka.
This one you can see a little better of the yellow and brown.
The more and more I look at it, I start to like it. I was a little worried that Jay was not going to like it, but he did. YAY! Good thing, because getting it painting for the third time in 4 months would be over doing it.
The TV commercial looks funny in this pic.
That is a duvet cover covering our table. Please believe we are not decorating with that Victorian scheme. Not that I don't like it, but for our every day living space, it's a little too formal.

Walking down the hall from the rooms, you can see both colors and I think that is pretty cool. The painter was loving that you could "appreciate" the color scheme from every entry way.
Shutters are FINALLY getting installed on the 28th and in about a month our couch and love seat will be here. Our house is coming together. I think our next project should be getting closet doors. We looked into custom ones, but those are ridiculously priced!!!! But we are in desperate need of some in every room because the previous owners decided to duck tape them together and make a wall in the garage, so we trashed them. Little did we know it would be hard to find the right fit, style and type.


cindy said...

I also love the white trim. That makes the place look so light! Nice job on colors!

We STILL need our closets redone. The doors are fine but our previous owners kicked in the floor track so all the doors get stuck. :( Lemme know if you guys find a great deal somewhere.

Jane Doe said...

Thanks! We are getting recessed lighting this coming weekend, so the yellow should pop a little more. We are getting it at a DEAL!!!! Jay's friend and co-worker's bro-in-law is doing it for $550! 15 lights for that price is unheard of!! I love having connections :)