Sunday, September 27, 2009


It was my bib number for yesterday's Boot Camp Challenge Race in San Diego. Like most race morning, I wake up and want to go straight back to bed, but don't. Yesterday was no exception. My goal for the race was not to walk any part of it. Granted it's not a 10K or 1/2 marathon, but 3 miles is a good distance and this one had obstacle course in between the run. I am so proud to say I made my goal!

I am not sure what my official time was since I didn't stay for the posting of the results and don't see them up on their website yet but know we started at 9:28 AM and I crossed (according to my watch) at 10:03 AM, so it took me 35 mins. Not bad at all. I'll let you know what the website says once it's posted. :)


cindy said...

I think 35 is less than how we did the last time. I just remember dying cuz I was anemic and in so much pain. Turns out I would've been anemic this time, too.

Vanessa said...

Just checked online and the times are posted. I came 67th out of 150 in my age group, 830 overall and my time was 31.49. When we ran it together my time was 30.08 (thanks to blog achives) and last year it was 42mins.

cindy said...

oh! I didn't realize we were that fast cuz I was so miserable!

so for the past 2 years, did they give the same souvenir, i.e. the dog tags? I love my tag.

Jane Doe said...

Yup, we were pretty fast. Imagine if the obstacles weren't there... our race pace would have been less then a 10/min.

They didn't give out the dog tag this year. They didn't even have a goodie bag. I got a t-shirt and walked around to the vendors. Chick0fil-a was there, tho and I got a free sandwich! ;) Still warm too.