Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Stars on my heaven's report card

Saturday I headed over to my sister's house to go through one more filing cabinet that belonged to my Dad. Originally I had planned to do a morning boot camp with her and her friends and then head straight over to do it, but slept in because I was fighting a bug.

I got there before noon after finally peeling myself out of bed. I got caught up on everyone's life, saw my youngest niece's new bunny which she names Cuppy Cake and got $70 from my oldest niece as our "compromise" deal for her grade last semester. Our deal was if she got ALL B's or better I would pay for her driver's ed and behind the wheel class. She got all A's and B's except for one class, so we compromised and divided the cost of the course by the total classes she was taking and she had to pay me 1/6 of the price for her C. It was a good deal I thought because she really tried this past semester and I didn't want her work to go unnoticed.

I eventually made it to the garage where I needed to go through the last cabinets of my Dad's stuff. I was in a rush to get the papers before I quit my job and no longer have shredding bins easily available. The cabinet was behind some stuff and was the type able to hold legal size folders. I feared that it would be full, just like the garage once was with boxes. Surprisingly most file folders were empty and I only had one box to fill. It was a relief to be able to finally be done with shredding and going through so much paperwork.

Before I left I chatted with my mom a bit. She laughed when I called my Dad a closet pack rat and even jotted it down because she had never heard that phrase before. She hugged me good bye and reassured me that my Dad was giving me tons of stars on my life's report card for all the boxes I properly shredded and didn't just throw away.


cindy said...

I KNEW I was hanging on to all my papers for some reason. It's so that in case I die, my survivors would have something to feel proud of cleaning up.

You shredded a ton of my old outdated paper records, too. =) You're just the cleaner-upper around here.

Jane Doe said...

Well don't hold on to too much stuff. My day had stuff older then me.