Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Scare

Last night I had hit the hay earlier then usual because I wanted to wake up early and do a work out before work. I had drifted off to la-la land when all of a sudden I her my phone chime letting me know I got a text. It was 10:36 PM, so not super late but since I was already asleep I felt like it was late. It was my niece asking if I had heard from my mom. I instantly was awake and we exchanged texts on when was the last time she (anyone) saw her, if she normally comes home late, if she had any plans, etc. My mom normally comes home between 6-9 PM, had left that morning before my niece was awake but told my sister that she was off to work and no one heard from her the whole day. To make matters worst her cell phone was off and going straight to voicemail. I was really worried! I told my niece to hang tight until 11 PM and then we could call hospitals to see if she checked in. I laid in my bed and cried. I thought about the thought of losing my mom and being parentless. I thought about how I wanted to get my mom some new work shoes and should've. I thought about a lot of things.

Even though yesterday was a holiday, my mom worked. She loves her job and believes in going anywhere a client can meet her. She works with a lot of abused, raped/molested, neglected, homeless and/or unfortunate kids and gives them physiological help and shows them resources that the city/state has for them. Knowing that she could be with one of the kids and someone could have hurt her was a real thing to be worried about. My niece called two hospitals and I called 5 or so. All said the same thing, no one by my mother's name had checked in. By this time my niece was awake worried and my sister asleep. I told her if by mid-night my mom was not home that we would call the local police department and proceed with a missing person's report. Just shy of mid-night I called my mom's phone (probably for the millionth time that night) and it rang, rang and rang and finally I heard my mom's voice. My mom had been at the office almost the whole day and had planned to head home at around 7PM , but got lost in her work. She had her phone in front of her, but the battery must've died. It was a relief to hear her voice and ask she bashful laughed and promised to check in more often and let people know where she was going.

This is what parent must feel whenever their kids don't call or check-in.


cindy said...

you need her desk number. =P

your mom must've felt very loved. =) I worried about her safety, too, when she came by that time to meet up with and help my nieces. It occurred to me that if she talks to these people in their homes who were new victims in fear of their lives, then she's in the line of fire, too. But she didn't seem the least bit concerned about herself, only about her clients.

Jane Doe said...

That is a good idea!!! I should have that information.

You are right she wants to help people and meet them where ever they are comfortable. She said it helps to see people in their environment, too. I'm going to talk to her a little more about safety.

cindy said...

get her pocket mace!