Saturday, October 3, 2009

I don't miss high school

School is coming along. Its definitely a completely a different environment going during the day then at night. I get to see clubs, gatherings, rallies and the social aspect of college life. It's definitely cool. We had hot dog day, with free chips, drinks, ice cream and games I was stoaked when I saw they had veggie dogs. I was so happy that I even texted a few people and thought, what did people do before texting? I guess actually call people and share with them what ever. The most annoying thing about going to school during the day is all the kids straight out of high school. This one boy sitting next to me on the first day of lab was swiveling around and around in his chair and so amazed we had lab chairs that did this. Then he proceeded to open EVER drawer that was at our station even the one right in front of me. Had I not stopped him from opening it all the way, he would have pushed the drawer straight into my stomach. Then we introduction came up, I stood up (as 1/2 the class did) but he had to comment "woe... she stood up." Needless to say the next lab I made sure not to sit by him.

Another high schooler was shocked that every hall way she passes people are quiet and studying. In high school everyone talks because if your studying you're a "nerd!" She said she just wants to talk to everyone and then proceeded to go to people that were studying and start up a conversation. In college studying and seeming like a nerd is not a bad thing!

Earlier in the week I trained my (hopefully) future replacement. I thought it was nice of my bosses to offer her a trial run for the position before she committed. One day with me and another day on her own to see if she liked the job before giving notice to her current job in this economy. It seemed like she enjoyed herself and my bosses liked her, so they are extending the offer on Monday. She might give a three week notice, so I will be at my work for another 3-4 weeks. The money is definitely coming in handy and having access to a printer helps with homework that I need to print out.

Quarter verse semester is a lot faster. I have already had two papers due, a lab done and a quiz. I got 100% on the quiz and on the paper that was returned. Not too bad...but we are in the easier parts of the class, so I should be doing well! It would be a bad sign if I wasn't getting the material this early in the game.

Crazies thing I've experiences on campus was seeing a Caiman alligator. It was a tiny one, but it's on campus in a jungle green house.

Exciting news... tomorrow is our 2 year anniversary! :) We are playing it low key and our only solid plans are having a picnic. Maybe he will surprise me and will go take pictures. We talked about it last night, but he said he needed a haircut. Maybe the photo session will have to wait.

Also, next Sunday is the 1/2 marathon. My sister ran 11 miles on Friday and last week I ONLY RAN 3 miles. :( Uh-oh... I better do some last minute long runs to some what prepare.


cindy said...

so what'd you end up doing for the anniversary?
oh I suppose I'll see you in less than 2 hrs and I'll just ask you in person. :)

Vanessa said...

I can't believe I haven't blogged in FOREVER! It's been CRAZY over here, but yes you did ask me. LOL. We ate and ate some more, had a lovely picnic, and wonderful together time :)