Monday, June 25, 2007

Signs from above

Friday I went to House of Blue in Downtown Disney to watch Boyz 2 Men in concert. The whole experience was amazing! House of Blues is a tiny 2-story restaurant, so they cleared the tables for the concert and it becomes a stand-only event. There were seven of us who went together and we all sang along to all our favorite songs and some of us even wept! Um… me included! The memories of Jr. High, cup of noodles, hide-n-go-seek in the grave yard, walking miles each day because we didn’t have a car, Carl’s Jr., sleep overs, etc, etc, rush through my mind.

Afterwards we hung out for a little while and then I headed off to the beach to drop off flowers in the ocean for my Dad’s year anniversary of his passing.

The week before I had gone to Balboa Pier for Father’s Day. I remember thinking that my Dad must have been cracking up as I debated on which flowers to get him, as if he was literally going to receive them. When I had gone last week it was a great visit. I had gone at 4 AM and there were a few fishermen on the pier but not where I was. I talked to my Dad for awhile and then dropped the flowers into the ocean from the pier. I asked my Dad to give me a sign that he was there and all of a sudden a green, glow-in-the-dark dive light popped up. This was pretty significant because my Dad and I were dive buddies since 1994. I started to cried and thanked him so much, and then I asked him for another sign that he was there and a seal popped up right by the flowers I had just dropped into the ocean. I was smiling from ear to ear and couldn’t stop thanking my Dad! The morning fishermen started to come into the area I was at and I decided to leave. I walked down the pier and just hearing the waves crash sounded so soothing and I realized I still wasn’t ready to leave, so I walked under the pier and just sat awhile. I noticed a white cap wash up on shore and I went out and got it. On it was the word “Ricasa” which in Spanish “rica” means rich. I didn’t know if it was another sign from my Dad or just litter washing up onto the shore, but as I walked back to my car I found $21 in the sand! Maybe it WAS another sign!

This past Saturday for my Dad’s one year anniversary of his passing I went to Shaw’s Cove in Laguna Beach after the concert. We had done beach dives from that cove and I think I did my final Jr. Scuba Diving certification dive there, too. This time I brought roses for him. He had a few rose bushed at his house and he was notorious for cutting them and giving them to his daughters and girlfriend. They were yellow and red, yellow for friendship and red for love. I walked onto the rocks on the side of the cove and for every rose I through in I thanked him for something that he had done in my life! It’s was about 1 AM, so I headed back home because I had a busy day ahead of me.

Saturday morning I had a huge list of things I needed to get accomplished and was shocked when I woke up and saw the clock displaying 9:50AM. I was SUPPOSED to wake up at 7AM, take my car in to get a new starter and oil change and then come home and continue checking things off my “to-do-list.” Seeing how that was not going to happen, I cleaned my house, got ready and went to martial arts practice. Afterwards, roomie stopped by to give me flowers in memory of my Dad. Strange thing is the florist put coffee bean flowers in the arrangement. In Nicaragua, where my Dad is from, my family owns coffee plantains and my Dad was a coffee lover, so it seem fitting and almost like another sign from my Dad.

My Mom, two nieces and sister, Messy Jessy, stopped by and hung out for a little while. Jessy and my niece “Nacha” spent the night. We had great time pigging out at BJ’s Restaurant, doing mud masks, and watching Norbert the movie with Eddy Murphy!

Sunday my sister was teaching a cycle class and off I went to take it at 8AM! I only had 4 hours of sleep and I was so exhausted, but had a great work out. Then I went home to wake up the two sleepy heads and cook them breakfast. I woke them up by saying “You can have turkey bacon, eggs, fruit, yogurt, pancakes” and before I could finish I heard an “OK!” What? Not everything, silly girls! So I made pancakes, turkey bacon, and egg whites. We got up and got ready for a day at the beach with the entire family! I was so poo’d that I passed out for an hour or two and now my back is a little crispy! Ouch!


Anonymous said...

Your dad's really active with his signs! I remember he was right away, like 3-4 days after his passing. It's so cute of him to keep popping dive-related things up from the water for you, since that was a bond the two of you shared. It wasn't birds, it wasn't insects, it was a dive light and a seal. When I read the "Rica" on the cap, I thought of Costa Rica. I don't know why I associate you with Costa Rica. Did your dad own property down there?

I saw Norbit this weekend, too! What a koinkidink! And you watched it with your extended family, and I watched it with the boyfriend and his daughter, so maybe that's supposed to mean that THEY'RE sorta like my extended family? This kinda goes back to that conversation we had where you said you weren't scared of dying alone cuz you know you have nieces and sisters around you, and I said I don't have that. Maybe I sorta do.

Jane Doe said...

Cindy - Dude... My Mo is from Costa Rica! Another koinkidink! Too cool! I am smiling big time!!!

And Yes, yes you do have extended fanmily! *another big smile!*

Ano the Blogger said...

Yea isn't the house of blues cool? I like it for being such a small venue. You can really get up close to the band!

Wow that's cool that you got so many signs from your dad! Sounds like you had quite a weekend!

James said...

Wow, that's a lot of signs from above. Either that or Vanessa has special powers!

Jane Doe said...

Ano - House of Blues is very intimate and I loved it!

James - Hmm....maybe I do have super powers!

Whine Girl said...

awwwwwww Nessa... xoxo

Jane Doe said...

Jordan - Thanks!!! :) and...xoxo right back!

Anonymous said...

Aw! we had fun! It was such an awesome time! I felt funny too looking for flowers for dad! YOU FOUND $21??? That is awesome! Man! I am sure Dad was lookin out fo ya! I lovce ya girl and thanks for being the best ever! =o)