Monday, June 18, 2007

Liar, Liar, pants on FIRE!!

I had a co-worker take me up on the Sexy Challenge for the month of May. The person who worked out the most hours in that month would win $100 cash.

I busted my butt and changed my workout routine so I wouldn’t get bored. Between my apartment gym, 24HourFitness gym, Santa’s apartment gym, dance classes, basketball, dancing, boot camp, DVD work outs, personal trainer sessions and me getting off my booty to practice martial arts outside of my regularly scheduled practice time (martial arts practice with sensei T were not allowed to be included in the contest) I had a total of 76 (or was it 78) hours clocked in! I had lost about 7lbs in the beginning and then gained it back, plus two pounds, but I was floating in my clothes! I guess I gain muscle…whoohoo!

The down fall was that I was dead tired ALL the time! Monster energy drinks became my new best friend!

When it came to the first day of June I eagerly waited to hear from my co-worker. He boasted about how he workout a lot, people were commenting how great he looked and he was losing a lot of weight, 10lbs to be exact! Not only that, he said he gave up caffeine, was watching what he ate and has tons of energy.

My thoughts behind these words as I was reading them, was “is this CM?” The one that did the Sexy Challenge with a co-worker before when clocked in 47 hours was dead tired, took at least one day off a week, ate like crazy AND was a couch potato before these two competitions? Seriously… he didn’t sound like the same person. Was he bluffing? Then… he gave me his total 90 hours!

Wow… an even number that totals 3 hours a day! Sounds fishy!!

I really doubt he did that!! I heard from a girl who visited his building that he actually looks like he gained weight, as in fat not muscle.

So I did some investigation work! Tee Hee! He told me he was taking classes at 24HourFitness, that he was going everyday at 5am for an hour and in the evening at 9 or 10 for another hour or so, in addition to in lunch run. Since I knew his birthday, I had Sensei T look up his membership clock in times. Looks like he ONLY clocked in:
May 14th @ gym 147
May 16th @ gym 158
May 17th @ gym 124

BUSTED! I confronted him on it! You should have seen his face, which by the way DOES look chubbier.

I let him go on and on about working out and then I told him that I had a bone to pick with him, I laid on the facts and then he tried to back peddle from there. He said he “did work outs outside the gym” and that they wave him through because the gym personal knows him. I came back with “headcount is important to a gym” and when I know personal they STILL check me in. Granted SOMETIMES they don’t but it is more the exception then the rule! Needless to say I DID NOT pay him the $100.


Anonymous said...

I think I blogged about how many hours you did work out, so I can check that for your exact hours, but yeah, I told you before, there was NO WAY he worked 90 hrs in ONE month, that's 3 hours a DAY without exception! No freaking WAY. I can't believe how shameless he was in that lie! It's one thing to exaggerate a little or round up, like say he did 58 but said 60. But he went to the gym THREE FREAKING DAYS. THREE days, MAYBE 3 hours and he turned it into 90 HOURS and asks you for $100 when you SO beyond smoked him! I would not be friends with someone with that little integrity. He didn't even lie to cover his butt, he LIED to TAKE ADVANTAGE of you. I'm glad you finally checked his gym times.

I'm actually ticked off at him.

Anonymous said...

You did 78 hours, you studette.

Ano the Blogger said...

Whooaa ho ho... Are you kidding me? He is busted!!! Nice detective work.

Ok, that's just rediculous though. I mean if he fudged the numbers by a few hours fine. but if he just went those 3 days the entire month then his whole workout time is a complete sham!!!!

I mean heck $100.00 isn't that much to LIE over like that. That's just outrageous. I wouldn't ever consider lying just to win some cash -- whatever the amount is.

And besides the whole point behind it all was to get in shape -- which he obviously didn't do and you did.

So in the end you win. Wish he would own up to it. He owes you $100.00

Anonymous said...

YEAH, are you gonna demand your $100 from him?

Jane Doe said...

DUDE! The guy told my HR department and my job might be on the line! wth? I say the guy'sego is bruised big time and he is trying to get back at me! Seeing how I got his birthday by being an employee....eventho HE TOLD ME IT! I could be in trouble! I don't get it! It's lame! And he is complain to 24HourFitness. This guy is trying to say that I might steal his ID or might have personal infomration on him. As if? Sore loser... that is all I got to say!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that challenger LIED to you! Glad you didn't just fork over the $100 and didn't do some private investigative work.

Ano the Blogger said...

Oh you have got to be kidding me? He's reporting it to HR now that he's busted? Wow... uhm.

Who the hell is this guy??? I hope you weren't friends with him and he was just an acquaintance at work.

That's just messed up. LOL he's scared about YOU stealing HIS identity?? hahaha who is the dishonest one here??? WTf...

Anonymous said...

I don't understand. What's he reporting to HR about? "I just need to let you know that Vanessa caught me in a huge lie that proves I can't be trusted on the honor system and have issues of moral turpitude."??? Why would YOUR job be on the line?

Jane Doe said...

He is not a friend just an aquaintance and basiclly he is saying since I work for this company that is how I got his bday (mind you he told me) and had I not worked for this company i would not be able to access this information. Which if I really wanted to I could get it from other sources,(ex. PeopleFinder, etc). He might sue for punitive damages, that is why HR is doing an invbesitigation to make sure I don't have any other information and how I received the information. It's not like I went into the HR database and got his bday.

Then, he is also calling 24HourFitness and lodging a companit.

This guy's ego is bruised and he is too prideful to say that he lied.

It's not like I am asking him to pay me the $100, either

Poor sport!

Jane Doe said...

btw, I think he is using the "i might sue" and "she might steal my identity" as a way just to get pay back. Oh come on...this is coming from a guy that was hitting on my co-worker and after she told him to stop he won't! He has no back bone or moral thread in him! *sigh*

Jane Doe said...

oh more thing.. since I won't give out the person's name that gave me the information, then I am not cooperating witht he investingation and that is why my job is REALLY on the line... just an additional kick to it.

If this guy is sue happy or threatening to do so, then I rather him just go after me, etc...not my friend! Men... and their retarded egos! I SWEAR!

Anonymous said...

Isn't HE the person who gave out the information, i.e. his bdate? Or does he want the person who gave out his gym login? So basically he's admitting that he lied and wants everyone else to pay for his lie. Isn't he bringing MORE attention to himself and his lie than would be otherwise? Can I go in and wap him upside the head? Oh wait. If he finds this he might sue me for terrorist threats. *eyeroll*

Ano the Blogger said...

I thought he gave you his own birthday, so what does HR want you to reveal?

Or are they trying to figure out who went to 24hr to look up the info?

This guy sounds like a tool. That's too bad. I guess one thing to be learned from this -- Don't make bets for money with people you don't trust.

By the way did you say he's in IT? Watch your email and internet usage. Watch for any suspicious activity on your computer. If you have a network login, IT departments have the ability to take over your PC and see what's on it, move the mouse, etc remotely. He may try to spy on you too.

Anonymous said...

LOL! OMG!! That is too funny! LOL!!!!!
That is so awesome! =o)
Good Job Nessa! =O0