Friday, June 15, 2007

Possible Road Kill

See what I got myself into… THIS. My thoughts behind it were:

  1. I need to stay in shape during the holiday season, so this will force me to stay keep up my workouts and not snack so much seeing how the race is 1/6/08!
  2. I get a free pair of running shoes.
  3. …. *crickets chirping* ummm... and that’s basically it!

I had to sign up before June 30th and be one of the first 1,000 participants to sign up to get the shoes, so I signed up today.

The hardest part of signing up was filling out my emergency contact person. Normally that information would be a breeze to fill out. The person I normally would delegate was my Daddy-o, but he is no longer physically here so then I would have to pick someone else. I literally got choked up and just stared at my computer screen for sometime. I could feel my eyes starting to water and my heart racing. I collected myself and started to think who else I could delegate? Afterall, I have heard of things happening to people during a marathon, so I would need a reliable source that would answer their phone. It couldn’t be one of my friends, not because they are not reliable or wouldn't answer their phone, rather they do not have my family’s contact information, doctor’s information, etc. I finally decided to put my oldest sister's information. She is guaranteed to answer her phone or be at the race that day. Also, I remember how calm she is during a stressful situation and I would need someone to be calm and collective during a time like that!


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about not having someone for a contact info. After moving to Nashville I only had "BAT" close by.

Those shoes are cool, and FREE would make them even better. Good luck next January!!

Vanessa said...

Thanks Flat Coke! I am nervous!!! I start my running program today, I am getting ready for my 1/2 marathon in Sepetember, and I can't even imagine doing the ful one. Good thing is that I have months to prepare!

Where did you live before moving to TN?

Ano the Blogger said...

Wowow you actually signed up for it!!! I'm impressed. My running is still kind of messed up.

When I was running with my normal shoes I think I gave myself the shin splints from over-pronating. I still feel it hurting on the big-toe side of my shins if i run too much.

I need to let it heal out before any more running. Oh well!