Friday, June 22, 2007

Cellulite filled rolls

Wednesday is normally Original Mike’s night, were I go to listen to the band Soto and hang out with friends. This past Wednesday we decided not to go and instead Jay, Santa and I went worked out, cleaned, had dinner, shopped at Target and watch Pride and Prejudice, or at least attempted to. All of us fell asleep during the movie. Santa laid across the bottom of the bed, Jay laid diagonally, and I was on one corner. I am sure Santa’s two beagles, Toby and Trigger made it up on the bed at some point, too.

At one point I felt a nudge and heard Jay ask me if I was ok. I vaguely remember making a noise in my sleep that woke me up, but apparently I was talking/moaning a lot in my sleep! How embarrassing! All I remember was having a nightmare of me looking at myself in the mirror. It was a lucid dream, so it felt as if it was real. I looked down and I was a huge, fat women! I had tons of rolls and I was so bothered that not only did I have rolls, but the rolls had cellulite. I even grabed a roll and was examining the cellulite. I remember being so shocked because I really thought this was “real” life and here I was lean one day and obese the next! This must be every woman’s nightmare and there I am having it with my friends on the bed! Well, at least I didn’t toot! Or worst, at least I didn’t toot and have it be a “silent but deadly” one. Oh lord…Now that would be embarrassing and I would not be able to blog about!


Anonymous said...

If it were a lucid dream, then wouldn't you KNOW it was just a dream? I think if you thought it was real then it can't be a lucid dream. But I think it's hilarious that a nightmare that leaves you whimpering in your sleep is about being fat. It's cuz you've worked so hard recently to make such huge changes in your health and body! So what did Jay say when you explained what it was you were dreaming that made you cry in your sleep?

Anonymous said...

Oh come on if we can talk about Cindy's turd song we can talk about your flatulant dreams!! ha

I'm glad it was just moaning & not something more embarassing.

Also glad you're not fat with rolls of cellulite!

Jane Doe said...

Cindy - Jay is such a sweetheart! He told me that I am far from that dream! Awww!!!

Flat Coke - Haha! That's true. But if it happened to me I would probably blog that it happened to a "friend" Hehee!

And I am glad I'm not fat with cellulite rolls, too! More then you know!

Ano the Blogger said...

Hey 'nessa,

Wow what a dream! You've been working hard and keeping in shape, so nothing to worry about ! :)

Jane Doe said...

I would freak out if I ever got like that! I think I would cry... A LOT! I better never get a disease that does that!