Friday, June 22, 2007


Cindy and I have this GREAT magical power that attracts koinkidinks in our lives and when we are together this power is magnified.

Last week Cindy and I were chatting and the topic of grey hairs came up. I told her about a time when I was at work and towards the end of the day I noticed this grey hair sticking straight up from my reflection in the bathroom mirror. I remember examining myself in the mirror and confirmed that it was a grey hair *sad face* and I plucked the little sucker out of my head so fast! I marched back into my department and told my co-workers that I was upset with them for not only not telling me that I had a grey hair sticking out of my head like Alfalfa from the Little Rascals movie, but for also working in the beauty industry and not noticing! *sigh*

Well, I think Cindy and my power start to join forces again, because when I went to get my hair cut the stylist parted my hair and lo and behold, a grey hair. My stylist walked away for a second and when she returned she asked me “what did you do with it? You should have left it alone!”

Oh my, even she noticed it! *sniff*

If only Cindy and I could figure out how to wrap our little fingers on the control panel of our power!


Anonymous said...

So your hair stylist saw the hair, walked away, and you plucked it out before she came back? HAHAHA!

Yeah, I would've done the same thing, cuz I'd be afraid if I left it, then when I wanted to pluck it later, I wouldn't find it anymore.

Jane Doe said...

Yeah, she had to get a cap for me, because my hair had drenched the cape that was on me.

I can't believe she called me out on it tho!

Ano the Blogger said...

Wow, the power of coincidence strikes again!!!! I really need to be careful what I talk about with you two :P

Jane Doe said...

You are telling me! If I knew that I would grey hair from talking about it with Cindy I would have never spoken a word!

Maybe we should talk about how rich and model bodies we have and it will come true!

Ano the Blogger said...

Oh believe me... I tried to take advantage of this power several times.

I'm still waiting for bra-less girls wearing white t-shirts to show up while I press what Cindy dubbed the special "button of happiness" in my car... lol.

Ask Cindy about it. It never happened :(

Anonymous said...

Well, *I* pushed the button once, and it did in fact bring me to happiness as I giggled in delight.

Ano the Blogger said...

Yes, but where are the girls with no bras in white tshirts!!?!?!!

Now that would make for a very happy button!