Monday, June 18, 2007

I'm in the "inner circle"

Have you seen the movie "Meet the Fockers?" Well... I am in the circe! Here at work that is! I am not sure what circle I am in, but I know that it is a top secret, high-level one!

I am covering for a girl at work and since I need to set up a meeting for one of her bosses I was called in to his office for a briefing on the matter. The meeting is set up in code words so it means nothing to me but since I saw the contact list for the meeting I am not allowed to sell, trade or buy stock unless approved!


They said if I do, then it "could be serious... like Martha Stewart serious!"

As I am being dismissed from his office he said, wait...I hope you were not planning on selling, buying or trading stock anytime soon. Well, no, but seeing now that I am in the "circle" and have to go through red tape cuz I saw a contact list, I am definitely not planning on it!


Anonymous said...

yeah, I always knew you the insider-trading type. ;)

Ano the Blogger said...

Lol, yea you have to be careful with material info like that. It can be really serious consequences if you trade when you know something the general public doesn't!