Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Never could hack it as a Shaolin Monk!

Saturday morning I headed over to Mr. W’s house (Cindy’s honey) for a day of sun bathing, catching up, swimming, and good food!

Mr. W set up a wall dedicated to their trip. It was neat to see pictures, statues and a cool picture of Cindy and Mr. W dressed as royal emperors (or something like that). Cindy, I think you should so post it! It is my favorite!

Sun bathing was so relaxing. I could hear the birds chirping away and it almost put me to sleep.

I have never tried tofu cheesecake and it’s like tart crust with a tofu whip cream on it. Very tasty! That was the main reason Cindy and I wanted to go.

Afterwards, we headed back to the house and watched a DVD on Shaolin Monk training in kung fu. I couldn’t believe the amount of dedication and hard work they put in to it. The live, eat and breathe kung fu! They prepare for any situation. One of the drills is they attach a rope to their testicles and the other end of the rope is attached to an iron brick. They proceed to drag…yes, drag it with their testicles! Another exercise is where they squat for hours at a time with a cup on their head, each leg is on bamboo and a sharp bamboo is placed right under their bottom, so if they give up they get speared. OUCH!


Anonymous said...

We watched The Curse of the Golden Flower last nite, and I'm totally perturbed!! Mr. W was disappointed it didn't have more martial arts in it, but the way they portray ancient China, all people in all classes of life, no matter the gender and age, all know some martial arts. People around here now would never be able to just randomly dodge assassin blades like that on their way somewhere.

Jane Doe said...

I have never heard of The Curse of the Golden Flower and I take it that it might be a good thing that I didn't? So you didn't like it?

I just bought some Bruce Lee DVDs and can't wait to watch them on my new TV!!! Hey... I need to take a photo and post it! I can't believe I haven't!

Anonymous said...

What about that cameraphone photo? That was funny!

It's a subtitled Chinese movie, like Crouching Tiger. I guess it was 'good,' but perturbed me.

Jane Doe said...

I do have the cameraphone pix! I will use it for now and then take some more!
I love it!
I love treating myself to stuff!