Monday, April 28, 2008

Here, there and everywhere

This weekend was pretty entertaining! Saturday morning Jay, my two nieces and I headed to LA to La Brea Tarpits Museum. It’s the world’s largest excavation site of dinosaur fossils and still to this day they are digging them up. Amazing! While driving up there, my navigation system loudly starts giving me directions and my lil niece (in 1st grade) was very curious on what that was talking and asked. I told her it was my navigation system and she just said “oh.” Jay looked at me puzzled and then asked her if she knew what that “navigation system” was. Naturally she didn’t! He’s good at picking stuff up like that! She asked what it was doing and I explained that it was giving me directions to the museum. She asked to see it, so I held it up and she yells “how do we get to the museum???” We all started laughing and I had to explain to her that you don't ask the navigation system for directions verbally, instead you type in it. Then she did it a another type to entertain us.

See the dinosaur at the very top, well, this is his foot print. My niece's hands aren't a fraction of the massive foot print.

They have metal poles in tar that you can pull up and push down to feel how it would feel if you were stuck in tar. That stuff is no joke!

There is an area that you can see people looking for micro fossils and reconstructing or cleaning bones.

All these skulls are Dire Wolves!

Later on that evening we met up with Dennis and Santa at the Brea Improv to see Anjelah Johnson. It was a packed house! I hadn’t had a drink in some time and saw a Lemon Drop Martini on the menu and couldn’t resist. Man, I must be a light weight because I felt my face get all flushed and I felt the beginning phases of a buzz off of ONE drink.

Anjelah was crazy funny! I laughed SO much. Even the guy that opened for her was funny.
Here’s a clip of her stand up routine. I used to feel really good when I would go in for my meni/pedi and the “all about you” service, until I saw this and realize they say that stuff to EVERYONE.

Sunday I met up with Santa to head off to LA, again. This time it was to see the Bodywork Exhibit at the California Science Center. I had wanted to see it when it was in LA last time, but tickets were sold out! Then I missed the opportunity to see it in Las Vegas and New York, so when she asked if I wanted to go with her I was thrilled to say the least. I didn’t know part of the exhibit was back in LA. For those that don’t know what the Body Work Exhibit it all about, well… it’s real cadavers that have been donated and the bodies are on display, so you can see all our insides. The neatest things to see were the body vessel configurations and the baby fetus from a few weeks old to 31 weeks. Sorry no pictures cuz cameras weren't allowed! :(
Afterwards her honey wanted some sushi and remembered a place he used to go to only 3 miles away from the center, so off we went for a wild goose chase for some sushi. Our only obstacle was that a radio station had all the streets blocked off for a concert. We parked, made it through this group of people just to see that the sushi place was closed. We burned some massive calories doing all that walking tho.


Anonymous said...

WOW The Bodywork exhibit sounds like something right up my ally!!! Sorry the sushi place was closed...sounds like you had a great weekend!!

Jane Doe said...

You should check out the link and see if it will be in your area soon or to a place to go on vacay :) They have 3 in the US right now (I think). It was super neat and at the end as we walked out it have big barrells representing 1,800 gals. That's how much blood our heart pump through the body. CRAZY!!!

I did have a great weekend! Spent it with people I love and care for and got to see some neat stuff!

Anonymous said...

I had a really good time this weekend =) it had been a long time since it was just you and i! lol....and about the Sushi, daaaaang it was hooooooot! love ya!


Jane Doe said...

So did I! The comedy club was great. It's only the second time that I have been to one and the BodyWorks exhibit was out of this world! I had a lot of fun! I was craving sushi when I went home and went looking for some. I didn't know a lot of places are actually closed on Sunday. But don't worry, I found a place! :p

Anonymous said...

Aw! Looks like it was really fun! What did Lizzy think over all?

Jane Doe said...

Lizzy loved it! You know how much she loves dinosuars, so she was eating it up and was so fascisnated with the sloth that growled at her and thw mammoth that is being attacked by a sabertooth cat (they corrected us and said it's a cat not a lion)

Anonymous said...

The Body Exhibit ain't for everyone. For example, it ain't for me or my gym trainee. Mr. W wanted to go again and gym trainee's kid wanted to go, too, so gym trainee and I decided that we'd dump the kid on Mr. W and she and would go anywhere else (even run laps around the outside of the museum), as long as we didn't have to see chopped up dead people.

I can't believe you're able to go from chopped up dead people to sushi. I guess that's why you can be in the medical field and I can't.

Vanessa said...

Hey, it's at the California Science center, so there is other stuff to do while Mr. W and gym trainee's kids go with him. On the 2nd floor there is a hurricane simulator (which was broken when we were there, tho), and some other science stuff. There's always the IMAX theater which I thinks plays mmore then just one movie (I think tho) and the movie that comes with the exhibit doesn't even show people getting cut up.