Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Strong Women

Last night I finally got the courage to call an acquaintance of mine, Rita. She is my oldest sister's buddy and I see her at family parties & outings, at boot camp and at the gym. Easter day she took her son to the hospital and they had originally diagnosed him with Leukemia and with little time to live.

I recall after my Dad passed away a person had apologized that they didn't call me because they just didn't know what to say. I didn't take it personal at all and totally understood. And now, I can relate because I am in that same boat.

Her son is only in the second grade, which would make him 7-8 years old. After some test, they change the diagnosis to Aplastic Anemia, a very rare blood disease and said the odds were still not in his favor. I couldn't imagine being in her shoes. Having a child and knowing that he would pass before I would. And not only that, but that he had to suffer so much before he left this earth.

Since Easter, he hasn't moved much, is on dialysis, only 45% of his heart works, has had and continues to have blood transfusions all the time and all of his toes have been amputated.

Even though I email my sister requesting updates, I know that is not the same as a call, so on the way home yesterday I gave her a ring. Still not sure what to say. We spoke briefly and she said she would call me back, which she did later on that evening. She says that all her son can do is blink. He is on a machine that helps him breath and another that feeds him. The doctors do not know if he is blind from all of this, but there was a light at the end of the tunnel. There is a probability that he might leave the hospital in 3 weeks or so. I was afraid to ask if that meant he had like three weeks to live, but she reassured me that he would be leaving alive!

I told her she was a strong women! She rarely leaves the hospital and he ex husband is staying at her place to take care of their other children.

I hope all will work out for the best! Keep the lil guy in your thoughts for me!


Anonymous said...



What's the little guy's blood type?

Jane Doe said...

I was in shock, too! I am not sure what blood type he is, but I need to find out cuz he will need a bone marrow donor if he survives and I want to see if I am a candidate for it. Next time I talk to her, I will ask.

Anonymous said...

I'm AB+ (or am I AB-? Crap!) so if he needs blood donations let me know. I *think* my blood's pretty healthy! Well, you know me!

Jane Doe said...

Awww... that is sweet of you to offer! I text Rita and will give her a call if I don't get a text back asking her what his blood type is!

You're the best!

Anonymous said...

I can even beef up on Mexican food before the donation if he likes Mexican food! haha. I refuse to beef up on fast food and sodas, tho. He can choose between Mexican, Thai, and Outback Steakhouse. :)

Anonymous said...

Flavored blood - the next "thing."

Jane Doe said...

That would be interesting if you could flavor your blood! Just don't let Dracula know of it. Haha! Well, I spoke with my sister and Rita has changed her number. SHe is probably sick of tons of people calling her and needed a break from the phone. She is going to ask her and I will let you know. Thanks!!