Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Update on Matthew

Not too long ago I spoke to Rita and things were looking like her son had a fighting chance with his rare blood disease. There was light at the end of the tunnel and the possibility that in a few weeks he might come home. That all changed yesterday. Matthews lungs collapsed and the doctors said they have done all they could do. Rita and her ex husband had a hard decision to make – pull the plug or just wait it out and hope for a miracle. They decide to relieve their son of all his pain and pull the plug. They laid in bed with him until he passed away.

What a hard choice to make as a parent! I am not sure what I would have done, but I am glad that there son is no longer in pain.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand how a blood disease ended up with a lung collapsing, but I can't imagine anything rougher than what your friends had to go through. And are going through now. And will have to continue going through. I think I need to vomit. :(

Jane Doe said...

Awww... I can't imagine it either! She was telling my sister that when she broke the news to her older son that he said he was the saddest brother alive and then started confessing all the "bad" stuff him and his belated brother had done, like breaking a window. She thought it was adorable that he was coming clean and clearing his brother's name.