Monday, April 14, 2008

Night at the Opera

I bought tickets a long time ago and it feels like I have been saying that we are going to see Phantom of the Opera forever. The night finally came this past Saturday. Jay and I were running around and met up around 5PM, soon it was time to go as we had tickets for the 7:30PM show. It was being held at the Orange County Performing Arts Center and I had never been to the center. The place was packed! Even thought I have been dying to see Phantom of the Opera since high school, I had no idea what the story line was. It was hard to follow at times because everyone on stage was singing and I couldn't make out what they were saying or there would be 2-3 conversations going on at one time and mind you the conversations are being sung. The part I enjoyed most was when the Phantom takes the Christine (the Opera singer that he has fallen in love with) to his home. The stage fills with fog to imitate water and below the fog were lights as the couple rode what looked like a gondola. It was such a neat scene! Oh, and all the songs were cool too. I never knew how many songs came from the play that I hear so often in movies.

Intermission was short and there was one usher who took her job VERY seriously! She was marching back and forth, giving orders to the other ushers, telling people they needed to go in or else they were going to miss the mascaraed ball and have to wait 10 minutes before the next act. There are four bells that ring to let you know to go back in. At the third bell you should be in or close to being in your seat. A lady in line asked this proud usher after the third ring how much time she had before it started, and the usher practically yelled "DONE!" There was no way Jay and I were going to make it back to our seats in time. I was starving and was in line to buy something to eat and Jay had to make a pit stop. I passes the door into the theater to go wait for Jay to get out and the usher was so shocked that I was not herding myself into the theater as she was demanding. I sat on a plush couch eating my snack and waiting for Jay. We watched the rest of the act from a flat screen until the act was over and made our way back to our seats. It was a good show, but I think Jay enjoyed it more then I did. The entire night and the next day he kept singing notes like an Opera singer. Maybe he just found his new passion! We joked that he should answer a 9-1-1 call singing "What's your emergency" but I think he would get in trouble for that.

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