Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Did they REALLY remember?

So today is the official "Administrative Day!" I walked in and there is a card and necklace on my desk from a manager that I help out a lot. This is totally unexpected and she is not even one of my bosses, so it felt great to have a genuine appreciation for the little things that I do around here.

Then... a few hours later I get a call from the receptionist desk saying I had a flower delivery. As I walked down I felt a little bad about thinking my bosses would forget and was shocked to see this beautiful bouquet. I walked up and read the card and it's signed "The Sales Team." Hmmm... did they really remember?? The flowers were from the flower shop that is on our company's approved vendor list and I KNOW that my bosses don't know that. So who could of sent them and know to use them? Maybe someone sent an email to my bosses reminding them and in turn they really did in fact send them? Or maybe the bosses that were in this week saw the flowers that I received on Monday and called the flower company on the card? I didn't know the protocol on who to thank. Do I send a mass email to the entire Sales Team?

Then... a lil birdie told me that the manager that gave me the gift in the morning asked around on how to order flowers on our corporate account to ensure I got flowers from the team. Aw! That is too sweet of her! And I knew they weren't from my bosses!!!

Then, one boss comes in and hands me a card. It's sign on behalf of him and my main boss with a $50.00 gift certificate. Again, I started to feel bad for misjudging them. Once I opened the card, I went into his office to say thanks and he tells me "say thanks to Missy for sponsoring the card and gift certificate! I'm a guy, you can't expect me to remember these things!" Missy is the manager who got me the gift, ordered flowers on behalf of the entire team AND now I am learning also went out and bought a card for my bosses to sign and a gift! WOW! I'm happy Missy is on the team and realize I totally know my bosses!

It's sad how many bosses pass by and ask if it's my birthday and when I tell them it's Admin's Day their eyes get super big and they have a panic attack as a million thoughts start running through their head. And I find it funny that I don't celebrate stuff like Valentine's or even expect anything on that day, but kinnda expected/wanted something for this silly day! Ah! I am conforming to Hallmark's big $ plan.


Anonymous said...

A few years ago, a juror in our trial remembered the day, so when I let everyone into the jury room, he said to me, "Happy Secretary's Day!" I said, "Thank you, but I'm not a secretary," and started to walk out. He said behind me, "Well, administrator, or whatever you are." I'm not that either, so I didn't thank him a second time.

Jane Doe said...

I remember that story. When I was writing the blog, that story came to mind. It really is not that big of deal, but I guess since my bosses have been punks lately I wanted a little recogniztion. *sigh* I am such a girl!

Anonymous said...

I'm happy w/my bdays being recognition enough. Usually TOO much.