Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Test results

I got a call from my doc's office and you know all those thyroid test, well... I need one more -- a biopsy. I have two nodules that he wants to drain fluid from and see if it's cancerous.

So I don't want to end on that note, so some good news... I got a letter from my school, I am graduating this May with my AA. Yay!

Oh, and I got a B in my English class. It was a short term class, so that's how I know my grade already.


Anonymous said...

A biopsy? Two nodules that he wants to drain fluid from and see if it's cancerous? What the heck? I hope that all will be okay! I had no idea that you had something like this. Did you just find out?

Jane Doe said...

I just found out last night that he wanted to do a biopsy. I was kindda shocked as the girl tells be "oh, it's only a 10-minute procedure where they put a needle in your throat and remove fluid." I was like WOW! A needle? I hate them!!!! I hope all will be okay, too!

Anonymous said...

A neddle? AND IN TH THROAT??? OMG!! Sorry Nessa! :( OMG! SO sorry! man... that just sounds painful! Let me know if you want me to go with you or if you need me to do anything.

Anonymous said...

What the HELL is going on around here? Just a couple of hours ago I had to circulate news of a retired coworker's gravely ill (brain tumor) husband, a judge's death, the death of a commissioner's mother last nite, and the death of a ex-coworker/court reporter's father!

Do you need someone to go with you to the biopsy? Even if you'd be able to drive, at least you don't have to if nerves get to you. I'm on vacay the 1st 2 full weeks of May.

But, CONGRATS on the May graduation! That's next month! Yay! And good job on the B.

Jane Doe said...

Jessy - Yup, a needle and the scheduler is probable so used to telling perople that it doesn't phase her. Me, I freaked out, cried and then made a bee-line to the store for ice cream. They say it's a 10 minute procedure, so no need to come with and I just realized that I have a dentist appt afterwards, so we couldn't hang out afterwards anyways. Thanks for the offer tho!!!

Cindy - Thanks for the offer, too but I think I will be able to manage. It's the day of the results that has me worried! Can you beleive they didn't have an earlier appointment then one 1 month from now? I am going to try to get in earlier, though.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry you have to have a biopsy. Did you read Turbo Tiger's biopsy experience? It won't be quite like that, I suspect they will perform the biopsy under ultrasound. They will numb with a needle then do a FNA (fine needle aspiration). It should be quick and fairly painless. I hope your test results come back negative!!

Yea for graduation!!

Vanessa said...

Flat Coke - I am SO glad you know about this stuff! I was thinking they were just going to stick a needle in me and draw fluid the way they draw blood without numbing me and with out the ultrasound. I feel a little better about the procedure!

And I yes a big YEA for my graduation!!!!