Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bad Girls and warm apple pie

Last night was taxing on me. I had a Chemistry lecture exam, followed by a chem lecture, then a lab quiz and a lab. I was so exhausted by the time class ended that I felt like I was dragging. Little did I know that Jay was up to a great surprise for the evening! I walked in and he was cooking pasta, chicken cutlets (like chicken Parmesan without the cheese) compliments with a sauce that he created. Dinner was so YUMMY! He is such a great cook and it kills me that I didn't pay attention to how my mom made things when I was younger.

Then after dinner we watched BadGirls Club, had some drinks and some warm apple pie! Yup, he made dessert, too! Since I had fallen asleep in the living room the night before from cramming for my chem test, I had this kink in my neck. After watching our new show, I got a neck rub! Talk about being SPOILED!

All this is just what I needed to wind down! Today I feel recharged!!!

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I've got a big update on my blog.