Friday, March 28, 2008

My ex is a copy cat!

So I got a text from Sensei T today saying
"(My ex) just moved in with me. So he can be closer to school. He moves in on the first. He is taking the studio place."

The house that my sensei lives in has 6 bedrooms and a studio that is attached to it. The door to the main house faces the door to the studio. Sensei T rents on of the rooms and I guess my ex is moving in to the studio, cuz school is literally one block away. What school you ask? The SAME school I go to. The one I walk to! Luckily, the probability of me having classes with him are slim to none cuz he doesn't have the prerequisite classes that my classes require and we don't have the same major.

Oh and the other kicker... he lives on the SAME street as me! Granted there is a major street that separates my track from his, but still!


So I have to make a decision on whether to keep practicing with bumping into my ex and him possibly practicing with us or not. It would be highly that we would bump into each other since I spend at least 3 house practicing on Sat and Sun.

It's funny how things work out, though, and how the universe sends you a sign when you ask for one. You see, I was thinking of cutting down to one day a week this coming months verses the two days a week I currently do so I could volunteer at the Marine Center. Then, last night while hanging out with my sisters and nieces, some of my older niece's troubles came out and I was thinking of spending a day a week (or every other week) with her to help her with school and just bond. Less then 24-hours later, life is telling me I can give up those two evenings on the weekends and do some other productive things with them. So I guess it's a blessing in disguise.


Anonymous said...

I had an ex who followed me to UCLA. My senior year there (after breaking up w/him in the summer), he came in as a transfer student, and despite knowing where I was gonna live, he moved in across the street! I was so annoyed. I'd look out the window to see him leave for class and leave after him so that I wouldn't run into him. He'd wanted to hang out together, too. Ugh, what part of "it's over" do you not understand?!

Jane Doe said...

He didn't understand that we were not going to hang out after the break up either. He seriously thought we could be pals afterwards. I don't get him!

Anonymous said...

yeah life is funny the way it works out! So... seems like less of Sensi T and more bond time with nacha and voulentring :) BUT FO REAL NOW!!! das crazy that he is going to living LITERALLY steps from you :(

Vanessa said...

That is crazy how it all works out. I couldn't believe the conversation we were having with "Nacha" the night before. She definitely needs so TLC in here life right now!!! We are going to La Brea Tar Pits soon, you coming?

And I know... steps away! But we have such different schedules, I can't imagine us bumping into each other too often! *crossing fingers*

Jane Doe said...

Arrrggggg... so the ex text me today and was suprised that I am giving him"my power" and allowing him to influence my life that I would quit martial arts cuz of him. Is he on crack?!?! My lord, that boy needs help! He said that I need to take time to get to know myself. Hello, you don't make sense! And then he wonders why I don't want to be by his negative self!

Oh, and some how it came up between my sensei and him that I live in the area. WTF?

I texted my sensei to please not tell my ex where I live and not to talk about me and his first response was "What ever is between you and (ex). Leave me out of it. Thank you" I explained to him that I know that fact, but to please tell my ex where I live. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

OMG, what is wrong w/these men? You're not telling Sensei to take sides, you're telling him to NOT take sides, NOT talk about you, NOT get involved at giving news AT ALL!!

And your ex needs to get over himself. It's not about him being SO INFLUENCIAL and SO POWERFUL that you'd alter your life course over him. It's that he's so unworthy of your time that you'd rather do something else than be around him! HELLO!!

I'M annoyed now. (On your behalf.)

Jane Doe said...

I was so annoyed with it all! If only they could step out of the box and see everything for what it is.

My ex is on some ego trip and needs to get off it! The last on told be to go to hell and I just had to laugh! I was thinking "wow.. I can really see you changed!" Thank GOD that we are not together. I wish I would have seen the light a long time ago!

Unknown said...

Well I guess that means you won't be around much. Crazy huh? I still need to get you some cash, so maybe we can go eat or something.


Vanessa said...

I'll still be around, just not practicing martial arts at that house. But life is getting busy for me and more and more volunteer opportunies keep coming up. I need to have at least 250-400 in the next year so I can apply to local colleges for my major :) I'm sooo excited about that! I can't believe after ALL these years I am finally making my dream come true!

So when are you availible for lunch? Weekends work best for me, since I am not in school or working. Let me know :)