Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Trains, ferry rides and standing in lines

It cracks me up that I was worried about what to wear in NY and spent time picking out my outfits, because I was always wearing my jacket and scarf and you can't see anything else. Haha! But seriously, I did change every day.

Jay did some research and found out that we had to buy tickets beforehand to visit the Statue of Liberty. Sunday we checked the website and the next two days were completely sold out except for a 8:30am tour on Monday and a 2:30pm tour on Tuesday. We opted for the 8:30am and woke up bright and early to catch the train into town.

Before getting to the train station we stopped by an Arab diner for an egg white and turkey sausage biscuit. Since I don't eat pork, I was thrilled that they had all this turkey stuff! Oh my, this little breakfast sandwich was delicious!!! And for being super early in the morning, the warmness of the buscuit was a welcoming treat to my tummy!

After a little walk, two trains and a little more walking we made it to our destination... an hour early, tho. We decided to get some hot coco from the many food carts on the street. NY is know for these little cart and while you might wonder where these people that man the cart go to the restroom and if they wash their hands, you can't help but agree that there food is the best!

We hung out in Battery Park for a little while and watched the sunrise on the Statue of Liberty just across the river.
We had to stand in line to get our tickets, another line for security and a line to get on the ferry. It was so cold out there! The wind was blowing and I think I understand "wind chill" now. The line for security was interesting. You stand in this machine and it blows air on you and you can't get out until it clears you. I guess the machine ensures that you don't have any chemicals on you.
We finally got on the ferry and off to see the Statue of Liberty.
Jay and I were kinnda surprise of the lack of direction. Once you get off the ferry you are on your own. There are no signs to were to go and what to see. We made a bee line to food first. I was starving! Then we walked around the island and went into another line to clear security AGAIN and finally see the green lady.
Once we got in there was no direction on where to go. It was really weird! Maybe we are spoiled by California and having tour guides? The minute you walk in you see this huge torch and it's the original torch. We walked upstairs and there is the history of the statue and some artifact and pictures. And if we didn't know any better we would have though that this was it! We headed for an exit door and realized there was more to see! Due to 9/11 security, the entrance to the crown of the statue is not permitted, but the entrance at the bottom of her gown is. It was 160 steps up and if you don't like confined spaces, it isn't for you.
Once we got up there we saw Manhattan, New York City skyline and Ellis Island. It was neat! And of you stood on one side of the statue it was windy and cold from her shadow and on the other side the complete opposite. Once we took some pictures and enjoyed the view it was back to the ferry to take us back to the city.

We made it to the heart of NY City. There is something going on everywhere! And oh my, their department stores are HUGE! We went to one called 21st Century. Not only is it three stories tall, but each story as extra floors. We asked for the shoe department and was instructed to go to the 2nd story and follow the foot steps on the floor. They took us to the back of the shop, down stairs and to a huge department store of shoes which is the size of one clothing store here in Cali.

We made it to Wall Street building, more trains, saw NYU and a bunch of other landmarks. We stopped at the World Trade Center spot and it wasn't what I thought it would be. Where the trade center went down is blocked off, the "memorial site" is right next to a subway entrance and there is only two booths. One maned by a person giving out brochures and another booth that two sides are with photos of that day and the other two are what is going to be built. And that was it!

They are going to construct two water fountains and a park.

We HAD to visit Time Square and see where TRL is at! The recruiting station is the one that was recently attacked. It's a tiny little building in between the street!


Anonymous said...

I was gonna suggest shopping at 21st Century, but I couldn't remember what it was called. Glad you found it anyway! What bargains, huh?

Jane Doe said...

If you would have said the name prior to going I would have automaticily thought of the insurance or realestate companies. They had good deals, but some stuff was still super expensive evn after the price cut. There was a pair of jeansthat were orginially $1K and were marked down to $459. Still TOO steep for my pockets!