Friday, March 7, 2008

Moving to AZ...

Wednesday night sucked! I was coughing all night long and could not fall asleep! I was coughing so hard that it caused me to gag and threw up a couple times. Morning came and I still had not had one wink of sleep, so I called in to work and told them I would not be coming in. The rest of the day consisted of me coughing up the rest of my lung, puking and making my way back to urgent care. They checked me out and said that my cough will last for at least another week and prescribed me a nasal spray and cough suppressant. I don't understand the doctor world! I told the doctor that I am allergic to Compazine and went I went to fill my prescription; the pharmacist is all worried because the cough syrup that the doc prescribed me is in the same family as Compazine. *sigh* Then she ask if I would like her to call the doc. Hello?!?! Of course I would!

When I found out I was allergic was many moons ago, during my hospital stay with meningitis. My back go stuck in an arched position, my eyes rolled independently, and my tongue swelled and didn't fit in my mouth... ummm... I REALLY don't want this to happen again! Can you imagine it happen while at work? Or diving? Or in front of Jay?
So, other then me being sick (cuz I am sure that is the least fun thing to read), here is the latest.

Jay and I are talking/thinking about moving to AZ. That is if his ex moves there and takes their daughter with her. We are trying to figure out what we will do with my schooling career. The estimated move time for her is June of this YEAR. We want to wait awhile to make sure she plans on staying there before we uproot and move, too. I could go to University of AZ for their veterinary science program and get my BA there. The only issue is there's not PhD program there. Sadness!


Anonymous said...

I think I'd like AZ. They have sun and snow both!! Plus the Grand Canyon!! Oh and you're close to MEXICO!!

Hope you get better soon. What did they give you for your cough? Codine? Hope it helps.

Anonymous said...

What?! Whatever happened to, uh, it's ILLEGAL for her to move Jay's child out of state w/o his consent???

Jane Doe said...

Flat Coke - We will see. First we have to see if the move and if we will. It all up in the air right now.

THey did give me with codine in it. The first night it kept me up, but yesterday I was sound asleep! :)

Cindy - There is a lot that is going into play. 1.) Since they had their daughter out of wedlock, Jay has no rights and has to petition for them. He has a two court dates already. One in a month with the mediator and the another one a month later with the judge. 2.) He's talked to 2-3 attys and one told him he would not touch is case with a 10 ft pole. 3.) The court sessions have to take place in the county we the mother lives... San Diego County.. which is guess is bias towards mothers regartdless. 4.) His friends who were married (ie. had rights), got a divorce and went through a similar situation of their child being moved to another states said it took 3 years and he finally gave and the mom and child moved to FL.
Jay is trying to be hopeful, but the law is unfortuantely not on his side and he doesn't want to spend all this money to lose. Hopefully, the mom doesn't get the job in AZ and stays in CA. We won't find out what's up until a month from now at mediation :( Just playing the waiting game for now...

Anonymous said...

That's not right; whether there was a marriage or not, Jay has paternity rights. Unless he has to ESTABLISH first that he's the biological father, cuz there's no birth certificate or stipulation w/the mother that says he is. Or if she's contesting his identity as the father.

I can't believe some attorney told Jay he wouldn't touch the case w/a 10-ft pole. This is a family law atty who said that? That's total BS. That atty is clearly a moron; don't let him set the standard/mindset for the case.

SD County makes sense; the jurisdiction can be in either parent's county but if the mom has more custody, it'd make sense to make it SD. Unfortunately, I think SD County makes the atty I recommended to you not available. I don't think she practices in SD County.

This woman sucks. I hope she doesn't get the job.