Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Change in the wind

I can't believe it... I just got a call from my Mom and my bro-in-law got accepted to Duke University! Woohoo! Congrats Rudy! He's the one that just renewed his vows with my lil sis, Jessy. It looks like my lil sis will be moving to North Carolina in August. She is leaving the nest. While I am super excited for him, I am sad that my favorite sis is leaving the state.

Oh, another one that is leaving the state is my older sis. She, her hubby and their American Bulldog, Fang, are moving back to Colorado the end of April.

Who knows, maybe I will be the next to leave the state.


Anonymous said...

North Carolina? That's right next door to Tennessee!! You know you've always got a place to stay when passing through.

Anonymous said...

DUKE!!! Omg, that is HUGE! That's a really impressive accomplishment! Throw the guy a party, or at least take him out to dinner!

Jane Doe said...

Flate Coke - Thanks for opening you house to me! That's sooo sweet of you!

Cindy - That is a huge accomplishment! I am very proud of him. Friday was the last day they were going to notify people, talk about waiting until the last minute. Poor Rudy was having chest pains from the anxiousness!

Anonymous said...

Aw! you wrote about Rudy! How sweet! He is so happy! OMG! he has been smiling from ear to ear all day! I need to get excited and not be so selfish cuz this is a big deal. I just dont want toleave the nest!I am commfy here. imma miss you n every1 so much! But no more about me RUDY FREAKIN MADE IT! LOL that rocks! Thnx fo da love mang! ~Messy jessy

Jane Doe said...

Of course I would write about him! He is family :) and that is such great news. Hanging out last night with all the sisters was cool! I think it's hitting us all that moments like that won't be so common! Love you!!!