Thursday, March 13, 2008

Getting ready for NY

I'm going to New York! YAY! I am planning all the last minute preparations and getting things in order. This morning I trained the temp that will be covering my desk while I am on vacay and she seems very reliable, friendly and like she will not screw stuff up. I have a final training with her tomorrow. It's good to leave and know your work is in good hands.

Tonight my oldest sister is coming over to see where I keep everything for the kitties and drop off a suit case. She will be babysitting my house and kids while I am gone and also volunteered my niece. I sent a text thanking my niece for taking care of my kitties while I am gone and it was news to her. Gotta love moms and there willingness to volunteer there kids to do stuff like cleaning out the kitty litter.

Now, all I have to night is complete my English timed essay final tonight. The teacher doesn't even give us the topic until you click on the link. He gave us a hint though, it will include some or all of the last 5 readings we were assigned and require quotes. Ick! Doesn't sound fun at all! But I will be glad to have completed it!

It's funny, the closer and closer I get to take off... the more and more my min d can't concentrate on stuff that needs to get done. I think I really, really need this vacay!
That's the latest with me...


Anonymous said...

Have fun in NY!!! I hope you buy one of those tourist T-shirts that says I (heart) NY. I've always wanted one of those for some reason. ha

Anonymous said...

Have fun! If you get a chance wander by South Seaport. Nice shops there, nice weather.

I'm off late tonite or early tomorrow morning to go to San Francisco. :)

Anonymous said...

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