Wednesday, March 5, 2008

i'm sick

Last week, I recall swallowing and noticing that it was a little difficult to do so. I thought maybe it was my enlarged thyroid that was causing it. As the week progressed, my boss commented that I was coughing a lot. Seeing how I have missed an unusual amount of time at work this past year due to common cold, etc, I reassured him that it was probably nothing. Little did I know that Saturday it would hit me full force! I woke up on Saturday and my voice was in and out. I still managed to go to Christina's baby shower. Good thing to, cuz her honey is a wiz at chemistry and is gonna help me! He even has a shirt with the periodic table and wears it proudly.

After the shower, I headed to urgent care because my throat was feeling raw. The doc prescribed me some antibiotics and sent me on my merry way. I spent the next 4 nights in bed and missed two nights of class (which entailed 2 lectures, 2 quizzes and a lab that I have missed) and two days of work.

Yup, so here I am at work and I am on overload. I have customer visits going on today and tomorrow, 3 company dinners to plan for this week, a new employee that starts tomorrow and a whole pile of stuff to catch up on. I think I will leave in about 30 minutes.

I am so looking forward to New York in less then two weeks! I feel burnt out and need a vacation!

So how's your week going?


Anonymous said...

Sorry you are sick...Bat is sick too. Ick!

NYC sounds like a lot of fun right now...what all are you doing there?

Jane Doe said...

Awww... poor Bat! I say you put on a nurse outfit and take good care of him! I am sure that medicine of yours will make him feel all better :)

While in NY, I'm gonna meet all of Jay's family and good friends! Plus, we are planning to visit Niagra Falls, ground zero and the statue of liberty. Oh and have this pizza and chinese food that everyone is raving about.

Anonymous said...

NY pizza is THE BEST. The "NY-style pizza"s here are NOT the same. Mr. W prefers Chicago style, and we HAVE to go to this one Chicago pizza chain every time we go to Vegas, and I keep telling him, as heavenly as he THINKS this pizza is, it's NOT as good as NY!!

Jane Doe said...

You've been to NY? COOL! When did you go? Is there any must see spots? ALl of Jay's friends talk about the food and my dentist today told me that the clubs don't close until 5AM.... I think I am not going to get any sleep