Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Birth Control

I am about to take my last packet of 12 months worth of birth control pills and now need to decide to either get the shot or stay on the pill. Any suggestions?

My lil sis said the shot played with her emotions to much and I hear that you get your period inconsistently for the first year, then after the first year it rarely comes (bonus points!). Plus it doesn't have the additional estrogen hormone, which can contribute to cervical cancer.

So I am torn and need to make a decision in 3 weeks. Have any of you tried the shot?


Anonymous said...

No shot...I am on Seasonale--I only have a period 4 x a year. I know TMI, but hey, you asked!! I love it. I was emotional for the first few months but I leveled out ok. I like this pill and don't plan on changing anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

DONT NOT DO THE SHOT IF YOU WANNA KEEP JAY!!! LOL fo real! i was a wreck ;) Love ya!

Jane Doe said...

Flat Coke - Seasonale would be good to try, but I don't want to switch pills and have to use a secondary method of BC until the waiting period is over. I am not a fan or the rubber and neither is Jay. I would love to have less periods! I hear you can take your active pills for your next packet and skip the sugar pills, and that does the same thing. But from the looks of it, I might not do the shot.

Jessy - You crack me up! I definitely want to keep Jay, so maybe the shot is not a good idea.