Friday, April 4, 2008

Morning blah-ness

This morning I have been working on paying bills, consolidating some bills, cancelling credit cards, opening an IRA, opting out of mailers, and a bunch of other little stuff that needed attention. It feels good to get a lot of stuff off my to-do-list.

I'm thinking I might need to do a little OT for a little while. I have a new dental bill, my car needs service and new semester is coming up and books are not cheap!

I'm glad I have the option at my work, cuz even though it's just a few hours of OT here and there, the $ will add up quickly!

I know what you are thinking... BUDGET! Yup, I need to put myself one of those! But I am not sure I know how to. Maybe I will give myself an allowance and keep the cash on me, and once I have run out I can't get more until my next allowance! Do you have any good ideas?


Anonymous said...

What? No more spontaneous giant big-screen TV purchases?

Anonymous said...

I use Microsoft Excel for by budget. I know roughly what each check will be. I know exactly what my bills are each month. I add and subtract bills from salary. Whatever is left goes to credit card. I try to leave $150-200 in my checking account each month for unexpected purchases/cash-ATM. Have you considered moving your relationship forward with Jay and moving in together? It would split all bills...just an idea.

Jane Doe said...

Cindy - Yup, that's right when I became single and went crazy spoiling myself. But I am helping out my family, have some medical bills that came up, put a lot of my $ from my savings into an IRA for tax refund, and (honestly) a little careless in other areas. Stuff like spending $150 a week on groceries, just to throw stuff away when they go bad. *sigh*

Flat Coke - I am going to try the spreadsheet stuff. Luckily, Jay and I are going to move in together in the next couple of months, so that we be a great life saver and I won't be so strapped. I think I freaked out when I got my $2K dental bill and know my car needs brakes, water pump, timing belt, some seals changed, rear differential changed and a flush and all I could see was the $$$$ that i don't have. I think with a little OT and Jay and I moving in, all things should work out shortly. I just went into panic attack mood!!!

Jane Doe said...

Interesting how life helps you out... a check for financial aid came through for $440. YAY! That will cover