Thursday, May 1, 2008

Drawing a blank

You know when your plate is full; you kind of forget important stuff? Well, I got a call from my sister yesterday. She is the one who is moving to CO. She left Monday and finally made it into her new home state. My eyes opened big and I was shocked that I forgot! She had a going away party that her friends threw for her and her hubby over the weekend, so I was glad that someone sent them off with a good last hooray!

Normally, I will volunteer to help pack or something! Geesh, did I drop the ball. Good think I hadn’t offered to help to move her.

This school semester is coming to end… THANK GAWD!!! I am so burnt out, it’s ridiculous! Tuesday I did my “check out” in lab. We had a quiz and checked out our lab drawer. Next week we go in for the last time into lab for our lab final. I hear that it is all equations, YIKES! This seems like the longest 18 weeks ever. It's probably because for the second time (in a long time) I am making it to the end of a semester.

I made graduation plans today. Since my graduation is during the evening of a Thursday and many have school and/or work the next day, I decided to celebrate it the following day at a restaurant that my oldest sis performs Flamenco at. Should be lots of fun! I was a little bummed when I got a response from my Mom that she couldn’t join because she has a seminar to go to. I know an AA is not that big deal to most cuz if I was at a Cal State or University I wouldn’t even get a ceremony for my AA or an AA certificate. But this is a big deal to me. It means so much! I had really given up on my career dreams and was going to settle for just working at a desk my whole life. Not that there is anything wrong with it, but it wasn’t my dream.

Jay and I have been doing a lot of talking lately and it looks like he is moving in this June. There seems like so much is going on and so much change. Two sisters moving out of state, 4 family graduations this May, Jayla moving to AZ, Jay moving in with me, finals, doctor appts, Mother’s Day, etc, etc… It’s hard to keep track of, hence me forgetting about my sister moving this week.


Anonymous said...

I know the feeling about forgetting things. Well i am proud that you are graduating and DANG we have a lot goiung on around here huh? Well... hope all is well and see ya soon. and hey.. how exciting, Jay is movin in! That is awesome and I bet you 2 will have so much fun!

Jane Doe said...

We do have a lot going on! There is so many changes going on in the family, it's crazy!

Anonymous said...

So Jay's not following Jayla out of state? That's good for you guys. I still can't believe the mom can just up and take his child out of state, tho. Seems so WRONG.

Jane Doe said...

I am not sure if he/we will. Both of us thought it would be best to wait AT LEAST a year to make sure the mom even stays out there to decide whether we should make the move too. Plus, Paul told me that it would be easier to transfer to a UC or Cal State in CA with my CA JC credits, where out of state schools might not recognize some of my classes and I would have to take some courses over. That is making me want to stay in CA until I get my BS. We will see though... only time will tell. But I am with you, I think the move was VERY wrong!!!

Jane Doe said...

Awwwww.... I was reading my emails and my Mom switched plans and is attending 1/2 the seminar and coming to dinner afterall! I feel so loved!!!