Monday, May 19, 2008

Drawers, Bras and a Baby!

Today is my biopsy. At 3:30PM I will be having a needle pierce my throat and take a sample from my thyroid. Who am I kidding; I will be in a waiting room doing just that WAITING! I should get my test result in a few days.

This weekend my sisters and I met up to clean my Dad’s garage at a VERY early time of 7AM, which means I was up about 5:30 to take a shower and eat breakfast. OUCH! Who gets up this early on a Saturday??? I know it’s been almost two years since my Dad's passing, but we have only gone through the garage (with all his sport equipment, tools, business stuff from the early '80's and other misc stuff) once or twice. We threw out 6 garbage cans full of stuff and I took 6 HUGE Banker Boxes to my work to shred. I should have looked in them before taking them because it took almost 2 hours to remove them from manila folders, binders, presentation slips and clips. Luckily, all I had to do was put them in shredder bins instead of shredding everything by hand. We definitely need more time in there cuz we made only a little dent in the ciaos. I spent the rest of the day cleaning my place for the move. I made good progress! Oh and I visited a lil someone. =P

Sunday I did more chores (what a surprise!) and met up with my Mom to go bra shopping. She had bras on her want list from Mother’s Day and since she didn’t get them, I thought I would take her shopping as part of her graduation gift. Yup, my Mom is getting her Masters this month. Go Mom! She got sized for a bra for the first time and we picked out some great bras from Victoria Secret that were styles that she wanted. When she was getting sized the lady said she was borderline C-D. Man, you should’ve seen my Mom’s expression; she was like “no! Oh, no! I am a C. I AM A C-Cup!!!” All I thought was “why wasn’t I blessed with my Mom’s chest and got her hips instead???

Last night Jay and I made our way to IKEA. I think I might have gone once before with Santa like 8 years ago and I don’t recall the inside. I arrived before Jay and thought I would go inside and keep myself busy until he got there. What a mistake. The place is a huge maze and is so big that it has a upstairs and down stairs, a showroom, warehouse setting store, a cafĂ© AND restaurant. Luckily I only got lost once while in there. Jay treated me to a dresser (thanks my love!!!) and he got the same one, so we will have side-by-side matching “his and hers” Hemnes 6-drawer dresser. We haven't put them together, but they are home.

And to the most exciting part of this weekend… Madison came into the world! Hi Maddy!

This is the "lil someone" that I visited on Saturday!


Anonymous said...

What a fab weekend!! Sorry you had to get up so early tho. If you get a chance read Bat's latest post, it's pretty funny. What a cute baby--the mom looks GREAT to have just given birth!!

Jane Doe said...

My weekend was actioned packed! I don't think I have ever cleaned so much, but if you could see our home you could not tell that we cleaned at all with all the boxes and stuff everywhere.

I just read Bat's blog and that is too funny! But hey, it beats out regular check up!!!

And I totally agree, Mom looks great! If I ever decide to get pregnant, I want a pregancy like hers! She didn't start showing until 6 months and only gain 30 lbs, and after the baby is born I am sure she only gain less then 1/2 of that!

Jane Doe said...

And how could I forget??? Friday I got a massage! Man, did it feel so good!!!

Anonymous said...

OOOOooOOOooooOOOooo!!! She is so cute! Awww!

Vanessa said...

I know! Doesn't it make you want to go have one??? NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! But hey, "practicing" the baby making moves is always a lot of fun! Jay and I will be "practicing" for a VERY loooonnngggg time!