Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My biopsy

Just like I suspected, I was waiting in the waiting room at 3:30PM. I had made such good timing that I made it to the doctor’s office about 30 minutes early, so went into the local Walgreens to kill some time.

Part of the A/C unit was malfunctioning at the doctor’s office, so it was quite warm in the waiting area. Perfect recipe for dozing off. Even the doctor came out to the reception area and asked the medical clerk to call engineering again and at least get some fans going. I dozed off a couple times until my name was called.

My doctor was very thorough and had all my information in the computer. He read me the test results of my ultrasound, blood work and thyroid uptake. Basically my blood work came back normal, except for two of the test. One might be off because I am on birth control pills, the other is just off. Even though most of my tests were normal, they were on the “upper normal levels.” My uptake was normal but the ultrasound shows that I have a new growth nodule since my last ultra sound in 2004 and the previous 1.3cm nodule in 2004 has doubled in size and is a “cold nodule,” which basically means is not functioning as normal tissue and does not absorb iodine. He said it might be a tumor and that is why I am getting the biopsy.

After reviewing my test results they prepped me for the preocedure. I changed into those hospital gowns and the medical assistant came in pulling out 3 syringes with HUGE tubes attached to them! Then there was another tube with liquid in it. The doc came in and explained what he was going to do. They spray this freeze spray that is supposed to numb you, but I still felt some pain and discomfort. The first needle wasn’t too bad. He sticks me; I can’t swallow for 15+ seconds, which makes you want to swallow, so I just held my breath. It looked and sounded like he was twisting something, but I just set my gaze on a poster on the wall after that. The next two needles did hurt! That freeze spray sucks!!!

Afterwards I was iced for 10-15 minutes and then send home. The rest of the night laughing, talking too much and even swallowing was painful at times. I was told that I should get a call with my test results midweek.


Anonymous said...

I hope everything comes back normal. Sorry you had to go through the pain...but it's better than putting it off and something bad happening.

Anonymous said...

Yow... =(
You're such a brave girl. I'm sorry the freezing thing sucks. I think the sight and thought of needles freak me out more than the sensation/pain itself. When I'm wigging out from doctor-induced pain I always tell myself over and over, "This is nothing. Stop focusing on it. If you were watching TV you wouldn't have even noticed it. You've hurt more from working out than this."

I hope you find out soon. I'll be thinking about you.

Vanessa said...

Flat Coke - Everything didn't come back normal :( But you are very true on putting it off, I would have hated to find out later that I could have done something sooner and didn't cuz I was just plain lazy or scared of the procedure.

Cindy - Yow, indeed! I wanted to look on the can and see if it had expired, cuz it wasn't doing it's job at all! I am deathly afraid of needles and sometimes break into a sweat and feel like I am going to faint. Good thing I never do, tho.

Anonymous said...

Wow Nessa! I remember whe we were lil and you had to get a shot. You were screaming and screaming and I was chillin. When i got my shot I got a sticker bcuz i didnt cry much. LOL those were the day, when we didnt have to worry about much. Hang in there and please let us know what they say when they remove them, do you want me to be there? Do you know how long the procueduure will take?

Vanessa said...

Hey Jessy, I talk with the surgeon on Friday the 13th (What a day for the appointment, huh?) and on that day I will know all about the procedure and schedule it then. I will defintely let you know. I doubt I want many people there, cuz it's boring and afterwards I'm gonna want to sleep! But maybe in a day or two you can come over and bring me your smiling face... ummm... and ice cream! LOTS OF ICE CREAM! (Sorry, a girls gotta milk it for all the ice cream she can. Haha!)