Monday, May 12, 2008

Celebrate weekend!

Friday I stayed home to do some more spring cleaning stuff and Jay stayed at his place to do more packing. I was so proud to fill the entire pack seats with stuff I was donating. I had dinner with my niece and her friend at a local sushi place. These high schoolers had their first mochi ice cream and were hilarious as they analyzed with tooth picks, would lick it and would debate if it tasted like lip gloss or some other cosmetic thing. Needless to say, they didn't like it. It was cute how we talked about high school problems and their funny moments.
Saturday Jay and I drove to Ontario to take a look at a table that Jay found on Craigslist. We got it for a steal.. $180. It's from Ashley Furniture and when we looked it up, a brand new table was estimated at $329 and $89 per chair. Granted it is not new, but still a GREAT deal and new to us! I really like it! It compliments the rest of the living room furniture which is also dark wood.

We made it back in time for some good ol' fooling around and then off to my sister's and her hubby's graduation. How cute is it that they both graduated from the same school on the same date? Afterwards, we headed off to their home for a party celebration. It was also Rudy's Mother and Aunt's b-day!
Here's the grad guy who recently was accepted to Duke. Congrats Rudy!

Aw! And here's the lovely graduating couple!

And I just had to capture the moment with the grad girl.

Before we left Jay and I were taking pictures and having a conversation. It cracked me up that we would be talking and then pause, smile and then continue. Gotta love my paparazzi family.
The next day it was more celebration time cuz it was Mother's Day. We headed off to Cindy's wedding location and had a picnic lunch outside. It was so yummy and such a beautiful day. There is a neat part of the location where you can feed Koi fish.
It's a crazy feeding frenzy. Some fish jump onto the rocks to get some grub.

I thought this was too cute! My sister's girls were giving their mom some love!

Here's all the girls minus the one that is in CO.

The area is filled with bonsai trees and this one (I think it was this one) is 33 years old, but so tiny.
All in all, this weekend was so much fun and I loved all the celebration. And felt great that I squeezed in some study time, took an online exam and did chores.


Anonymous said...

Showin some cleavage girl!!! lol I'm a fan of low cut shirts so I notice them off the bat. What great pictures!!
Love the craigslist steal, what a beautiful set! Glad you had a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

haha, thanks for not revealing my wedding location! That was so thoughtful of you. :)

Those fish are scary.

Vanessa said...

Flat Coke - I only have cleavage when I am chubby, soon when I lose wieght it will be gone :( But heck it's worth it. And good thing Jay is a butt guy, not a boob one cuz I can lose the boob and he will still be happy.

Cindy - No problem! I followed this couple that was looking at the sight for their wedding and was hearing how the set up was going to be. I can't wait to see yours!

Those fish are scary!!! One had a huge laceration on it probably from jumping on a rock.