Monday, June 2, 2008

Good bye Crazy Month of May

Friday my Mom graduated with her Masters Degree! Yay Mom! After the ceremony, we all met up at my sister's house for a great celebration! My aunt Ligia was cooking the meal and Jessy and I had decorated the night before. We walked in and saw a table with cookware. Cook this me the surprise my aunt had hinted about in an email a day prior? At first I thought she was going to do a sales pitch to us and a full on presentation, but she just let us know that she is cooking the food in the pots and what the benefits were. On the table was a demonstration of what a pound of fat looks like. Ew! Only at my family event would they have this!!!
To much of everyone's surprise dinner was delicious! Honestly, we were all scare of what she would cook and Jay and I even hit the El Pollo Loco beforehand. She had prepared chicken, rice, beans, plantain banana cooked in molasses (Costa Rican style baby!!!), vegetarian lasagna, salad. Another aunt had brought sweet rice, which is like a rice pudding with cinnamon and raisins in it. For dessert there was fruit, ice cream and a white cake with strawberry filling.
Then came the entertainment. Can you tell my Rudy's expression that it was quite entertaining???
My aunt came out in a Costa Rican costume (Sorry, I was cracking up that I didn't even manage to take a picture of it!) and did a dance for my mom. It didn't look like a dance at all! It just looked as if she was walking around the living room, would stop and pull out an apron from her skirt and move it from side to side and paraded the living room again with an occasional "this is for my sister!" It was hilarious!!!!
Then, my sister preformed for those that missed her show at my graduation celebration.
What happened next would go down in family party history! My aunts, uncle, and mom took turns going up an dancing to flamenco music. Oh my GAWD... It was hilarious, to say the least! They were getting so into it, moving their dresses around that it practically flashed many of us SEVERAL times, their feet would move faster and the more we laughed, they faster they danced and more they got into it! It was all fun and games until they were trying to get me to go up there, but I'm no fool!
Here's my Mom and her brother and sisters (minus 1 in CA and like 10+ in Costa Rica).
And you know how I always refer to my family as the paparazzi? Well, here are some of them in action.

Here's my Mom with her daugthers minus the one in CO. She came down yesterday, though, and we are going to photoshop her in some of the pictures.
Sunday was my sister and niece's flamenco recital at Tapas Restaurant.

They did such a great job! It's was adorable to see my niece do her dance and the outfits were amazing! I joined in on the celebration a bit much and broke my diet with a shot of patron and a mojito. Don't shoot me! Unfortunately, I am a light weight and lunch was not served until two hours later and I was buzzed and felt a little sick from only those two drinks. During the performance I remember asking my oldest niece for water, but I didn't toss my cookies which is a good thing!!!
While we were taking pictures outside Lizzy kept reading this postcard!

She is up with technology and I can just picture he googling "genital warts." All I can say is I hope her parents have parental control on the computer!!


Anonymous said...

LOL LOL LOL!!!! Lizzy was reading that>????? LOL OMG!!! I hope see doent google it! LOL

Vanessa said...

Sharon kept taking it away and she would find it again. You could see her lil mind at work while she kept reading it over and over again. I'm with you, I hope she doesn't or else she is in a a huge surprise of her life!