Friday, June 6, 2008

Follow appt w/ thyroid doc

Yesterday I had my appointment with my thyroid doc that did my biopsy and is recommending surgery. It cracks me up and is alarming how their office works. It’s as if the office doesn’t know what my visit is for and the doctor doesn’t read my file prior to walking in to see me.

The medical assistance took my vitals and then asked the reason for my visit. I looked at her puzzled thinking shouldn’t you know that, but of course I didn’t tell her that and instead said that after the doctor had called me with my biopsy result he asked for me to come in and see him. She said “oh, so are you hypo or hyperthyroidism?” I said neither and that my blood work is normal, but my gland is enlarged. I know that my test results are in the system, so why is she asking me? She then asked if I was coming in for a biopsy today then. Didn’t I JUST say I got a call from the doc about my biopsy results and that is the reason for my visit??? So we got it squared away on why I was there and then was left to wait for the doc to come in.

He came in and I greeted him and asked how he was doing. I like his reply of “I’m living a dream, how are you?” I said I am good except for the fact that I need to have surgery. He paused, looked me up and down and asked why I needed to have surgery. Are you serious??? I thought. Should I be concerned that my doctor doesn’t know who I am and why I am sitting in front of him? He looked up my reports in his system and went through them with me again, answered my questions and sent me off to get an EKG, chest x-ray and breathing test. All in preparation for my surgery. I was the youngest patient in all the waiting rooms and felt like at any moment one of the other patients was gonna croak!By the time I was done, I felt drained!

So what I learned yesterday - I will be out for a week if my nodules are non-cancerous. They cut me open just about the area where my right throat meets my chest.

If it is cancerous tissue, then I will be out longer and have to come back for iodine-radiation therapy.

*crossing fingers* that it’s not the second one!

Later that evening I got a call from my sister from CO. She said that her friends really wanted me to know that they would be praying for me. It just really touched me. My eyes got watery and I thanked her for letting me know and she said she would be calling me A LOT, which made me giggle cuz she means it! We had probably talked 3 or 4 times in that one day.


Anonymous said...

Doctors and nurses can be funny. I have to admit I have had patients tell me I xrayed them the week before yet I never remember them. You'd think we would but after seeing hundreds of patients a week, people start running together in your thoughts. It's sad to say that patients get lost in the shuffle and are just another number or dollar in the doctors pocket. It's not like the old days, or so I'm told.

Good luck with your surgery. I'm sure you will do fine. Those doctors perform these types of procedures ALL THE TIME. You'll be fine. And keeping my fingers crossed too that it'll be NON Cancerous.

Anonymous said...

So did you take your mom to this apptmt w/you? Did you schedule the surgery yet? Is it out-patient surgery? I need to know where I'm going to visit you!

*crossing fingers as well*

Jane Doe said...

Flat Coke - I think I am so used to my childhood doctor who has known me since I was little, that I except to have that familar feeling and attention at all doctor offices. Thank you for the good luck wishes!!!

Cindy - My appt is this Friday and my mom is coming with me :) That day I should know when the big day is and will let you know. I believe it is an out patient surgery if I do not have cancer. If it is cancerous and they have to take the entire gland out, then I have to stay a day or two in the hospital.

Jane Doe said...

Arrrgg!!! My appointment just got moved to Wed, June 18th. :(

Anonymous said...

*shaking fist*