Friday, June 13, 2008

Sharing my treasure

I had a little extra time on my lunch and decide to stop by Juice It Up for a wheat grass shot and some fresh carrot juice. This group of kids came in asking prices of the smoothies and yogurt bowls trying to figure out how they were going to split the goodies amongst each other and how much stuff they could get with their dough. The leader in the group started to order and asked another girl exactly how much she had. She sheepishly asked the group to come to the table. The continued to press her and she just walked over and dropped all her change. She must have emptied out a piggy bank recently or something. The group realized her concern and went to count the change with her. All together they had a little over $10.00 and I saw them fill their hands with the coins and make it back to the register.

I those remember those summer days back when I was a little kid. My sisters and I would search the house for change or hit up the folks. After we all had a dollar we would ride to 7/11 and get slurpies or to this liquor store that had cheap candy. You get there and do the math trying t get as much as possible.

They started debating what they could afford, so I just placed what few dollars I had on the table and said “here you go.” I forgot how much more money is worth to kids. They all looked up at me, jaws dropped and I heard an echoing “thank you!” As I walked out I heard a kid scream “God bless you” is the happiest voice. It was too cute! If only I had a camera to remember their expressions, but I guess I will have to rely on my memory and hope it can easily retrack it. But knowing me and my memory, probably not going to happen.


Anonymous said...

Aww, that's so kind of you! You know that those kids will forever remember that and talk about it when they're adults at a friends reunion, right? And you've probably influenced them more than you realize. One of them may grow up and return the favor to help some other kids. What I like in this story, is how unspoiled these kids are. That they were willing to pool together whatever little money they had and find a way to split something between all of them. That they can appreciate a few more bucks, and be sooo grateful to you. They had some good child-rearing in Orange County.

Vanessa said...

Aw! That's a great thought that they will grow up and do the same. It felt great! Their smiles were priceless!!!