Friday, June 13, 2008

Times have changed!

Yesterday while picking up Jayla from my sister’s house, my Mom told me the cutest story. She went to pick up my niece, Lizzy, from her last day of school. She wasn’t ready for the sight she would see when see walked in the classroom. Kids were literally crying and would hug one of their classmates, have a moment with them and switch to another classmate or the teacher. These kidz kept saying in between their tears “I’m going to miss first grade!” My Mom said she had to wait sometime until they were all ready to say good-bye.

I never recall crying on the last day of school. What I recall is watching the clock like a hawk, running out of class with a huge Chester cat grin and eating all my snacks in my earthquake preparedness pack during my walk home.

Later on my niece insisted that she need to be taken to the track to run because she needed to get her sadness and nervous out of her. This kid is 6 years old! Now, I know I never acted that way or asked to be taken to the track when I was little. Exercise was a form a punishment when I grew up, never a stress reliever! So the whole family, My Mom, sister, 2 nieces, Jayla and Jahnice’s friend went to the track. Lizzy ran some laps with Jayla following her, Jahnice and her friend walked behind them my sister read a book and Mom video taped the kidz (She is such a grandma!).

They headed over to Yogurtland afterwards cuz Lizzy needed another stress reliever. Now, THAT I do recall doing! Haha! As they sat there enjoying their soft-served yogurt a classmate of Lizzy’s came in. She got up, said nothing but hugged the kid for some time, let go and walked back.

School must be a wonderful place now cuz I never mourned it they way Lizzy has. I guess that is a good sign of quality education.


Anonymous said...

Huh. That's interesting. I do see that kids are mentally growing up faster these days, tho. They have pretty mature thoughts and things occur to them at age 10 that I didn't think about till I was a teenager.

Jane Doe said...

I thought it was interesting, too. Who would of thought that kids would miss school?

Anonymous said...

It's not so much school they miss, I think, but the social life/network they have in school. Altho Lizzy seems the learning-hobbyist type.

Jane Doe said...

I also think it has to do with the teacher. SHe must have done a great job not only teaching the students but bonding the whole class together.