Wednesday, June 11, 2008

On Grade standby

My last official day of class was Sunday, MAY 25th. According to the school policy, grades are supposed to be posted on or before the 5th of the following month. Most teachers are good about getting grades in the following week following the last day of class. Actually ALL my teachers have had a great track recorder, so I was surprised to not see a grade posted for my Philosophy class. I check online daily and hello, we are way past the date grades were supposed to be posted. Yesterday, I checked and yippee I see an entry. I scroll across the screen and am surprised to see a “RD” as a grade. What they heck is that? Naturally, I freaked out because that’s just my nature and at the time the only thing I could think “RD” stood for was “redo.” It seemed logical then, but SO silly now. I searched for a school online catalog (I’m so resourceful!) and come to find out that RD stands for “report delayed.” I could have told you that the report was delayed along time ago. Now I am on standby until the teacher post my grad to get my AA diploma. I remember in the beginning of the class he said his arm was in a cast (or something like that) and he was grateful for online classes, so maybe he still hasn’t recovered fully and that’s what is causing the delay.


Jane Doe said...

I just checked and finally got a note from the teacher:
few of you have inquired about "RD" being on your transcript. I've sent the following message that I am now announcing to everyone:

The entire blackboard system went gone down during a routine upgrade to Version 8. (I've had access issues all week.) Because of this none of us could access Blackboard until this issue is resolved. This meant those of you with Summer courses also could not use Blackboard as well at various times as well.

In the meantime, everyone in our class should see an "RD" on mygateway/webstar which simply means "report delayed". Please be patient as I will have to manually provide grades to the college. However I hope Blackboard will be back up soon so that you can see your final totals including any final discussion grades and papers. I apologize for any inconvenience.

So... I guess his arm has heal! I think he should give us all A's for the inconvenience :)

Jane Doe said...

I got a B!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ack! I hate suspense!

Congrats on the B!

Vanessa said...

Thanks!!!! I was so happy! I loved that class, but honestly didn't read much of the book or other online documents. It was just too much reading, so to get a B was a nice reward and comliments to the teachers teaching.